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Alex20-Nov-01 07:41 PM EST 3   
carolincalgary22-Nov-01 10:20 AM EST 3b   
Linda26-Nov-01 10:15 PM EST   
Faye10-Dec-01 10:15 PM EST 6   

Subject: pumpkins for the birds?
From: Alex
Zone: 3
Date: 20-Nov-01 07:41 PM EST

I just read one of the ican garden articles re used pumpkins. I generally put mine in the composter. I am curious to know whether the pulp is enjoyed by birds, also the seeds? If so, does anyone know which birds in my area - Edmonton - would grace the garden for pumkin?

Subject: RE: pumpkins for the birds?
From: carolincalgary
Zone: 3b
Date: 22-Nov-01 10:20 AM EST

I dont know about the birds but consider this - it is a very popular diet for dogs! If you have left over pumpkin and know an overweight dog puree the pumpkin. Remove 1/3 of the dogs normal diet and replace with 2/3 the amount pumpkin puree.(i.e. if you take out 1/2 cup replace with 1 cup) It is high fibre, lots of nutrients and most dogs love it. And if you dont have left over pumpkin for your overweight dog just buy the big cans of puree. (Do not buy the pie filling.) Monitor the dogs weightand dont give more than noted - or they will put on more weight!

Subject: RE: pumpkins for the birds?
From: Linda
Date: 26-Nov-01 10:15 PM EST

My chickens ate one left over pumpkin.

Consider the smell as the pumpkin thaws abd refreezes. I would think Bluejays, Grayjays and Magpies might be interested.

Subject: RE: pumpkins for the birds?
From: Faye
Zone: 6
Date: 10-Dec-01 10:15 PM EST

I have used pumpkin with my dogs and cats.....the beto caratene is exellent for them. But to THROW out a pumpkin....never have I done it.....too many pies,muffins,puddings,preserves etc etc. When I don't roast the seeds for ourselves to eat...I put them out on a pie tin, for the birds, along with orange and grapefruit halves....spoiled appled are pushed onto protruding branches for those that wish to peck on. A log gets filled with their favourite peanut butter mixture....hope this helps

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