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Ann07-Nov-01 02:02 PM EST 5b   
Susan07-Nov-01 03:28 PM EST 6a   
Alex07-Nov-01 06:34 PM EST 3a   
Ann (the other one)08-Nov-01 07:09 PM EST 4b   
Ann09-Nov-01 06:49 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Planting Nigella Seed-Love-in-a-mist
From: Ann
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Nov-01 02:02 PM EST

I want to plant Nigella seed next spring. Our garden centers do not have the transplants. When should I plant and how long before I should expect blooms?


Subject: RE: Planting Nigella Seed
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 07-Nov-01 03:28 PM EST

Interesting....I cook curries with nigella seeds but didn't realize that the Love-in-the-mist flowers are a different species of the plants that produce the edible seeds. There is some general information on nigella, including germination, at:

Subject: RE: Planting Nigella Seed
From: Alex
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-Nov-01 06:34 PM EST

Yes, very interesting. For your info we live in Edmonton. Last year I brought a pack of seeds over from Britain. They were free in a copy of the Daily Telegraph. I planted them in two spots in our garden. Two south facing beds - one with patchy shade - the other with a good and toasty blast of sun (did water the beds though). The full sun plants did the best. I planted them in May, they didn't really do anything until mid-late summer but it was a cool summer. I cannot recall when they began to flower but they did flower well into the fall. The seed pods from spent flowers also seemed to develop well into the fall. I harvested the ferny stems and pods which look great dried. Ooodles of seeds for next spring too. If we have another mild winter I wonder if some of the fallen seeds will sprout. I will check out that web site - thanks!

Subject: RE: Planting Nigella Seed
From: Ann (the other one)
Zone: 4b
Date: 08-Nov-01 07:09 PM EST

I bought a packet of seed from White Rose 5 years ago and haven't had to plant any since !! In fact, in the Spring I have to dig a lot in they come up so thickly, they even re-seeded themselves twice this year. Doesn't seem to matter if we have a cold, snowy winter or not, up they come.

Subject: RE: Planting Nigella Seed
From: Ann
Zone: 5b
Date: 09-Nov-01 06:49 AM EST

Thanks for information everybody. I especially like the part where they come back. I thought they were an annual.


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