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Ann13-Oct-01 07:40 PM EST 4b   
Ed13-Oct-01 08:26 PM EST 5   
Dave14-Oct-01 07:47 AM EST   
Brian @ P&P Plants14-Oct-01 05:05 PM EST 3   
Northern Gardener14-Oct-01 07:42 PM EST 3   
Daisy Ottawa16-Oct-01 01:03 AM EST 5   
Ann18-Oct-01 07:11 PM EST 4b   
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Annie D23-Oct-01 01:22 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Ladybugs
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 13-Oct-01 07:40 PM EST

Today it was nice and warm here 18c at least. We had a thousand ladybugs all over the house and they kept landing on me too. I think they must have been trying to get in for the winter but I have never seen so many, anyone know anything? I have heard they are not our native species and they bite.

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Ed
Zone: 5
Date: 13-Oct-01 08:26 PM EST

Ann, had similar experience today in Leeds Co., Ont. Where are you ? Some were deep orange, spotted; most seemed to be unspotted, mid-tan or lt. brown. Those inside my garden house were mostly exploring window panes on the sunniest exposure. Those out side " pinged " as the hit the glass. Moving out to investigate, they landed in my hair, on my face, wherever. Aware that they were harmless and beneficial critters I thoroughly enjoyed this phenonemon ( for me ! ). Their bites were frienly " nips ", no harm done or intended, I think ! Never having seen more than single L-B's before, this October invasion was probably related to end of season preparation. Ladybugs sound great; in reality, I believe they are classified as beetles.

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Dave
Date: 14-Oct-01 07:47 AM EST

Just read an articles on the little critters. They were introduced in Louisiana decades ago. Their main diet is soybean aphids and with the clouds of aphids found in Toronto this year, there was no lack of food for these hungry beetles(they eat 40-60 aphids per day). There is approx. 1000 times more beetles than normal and they're looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. We found 20 around our back door and every time the door opens a few slip in but they are totally harmless and very beneficial to your garden.

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 14-Oct-01 05:05 PM EST

I too read the article. If you have so many, are there enough to collect? Some of us other gardeners would like to have more Ladybugs to control the Aphids. Does anyone know how to package, ship & store them? I would like to be able to have more Ladybugs as they do a great job for us.

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Northern Gardener
Zone: 3
Date: 14-Oct-01 07:42 PM EST

Couldn't find a ladybug anywhere mid-Aug when aphids started arriving, but now the ladybugs are everywhere here! They are indeed looking for a place to hibernate for the winter.

A few years ago, I noticed high numbers of them while raking the fall leaves. Since then, I've been helphing them out by piling leaves on the gardens for them to hiberate in. Added benefit: the plants get mulched as well. :)

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Daisy Ottawa
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Oct-01 01:03 AM EST

I too share similar stories as you...

Coming from Ottawa, the cost is clear of Lady Bugs..., but my 2nd home 3 hours West of Ottawa (Mattawa)... well, that's another story.

I got there Friday evening only to see all these little critters around. On a normal basis, I would find them cute, but there were so many of them that I was becoming paranoid.. hehehe. Finally, on Saturday, I visited with my local 74 yr old wise gardner and he went on explaining how Lady Bugs were good for your garden. He said we don't always get them. It depends on where the wind blows them.. hehe..funny to think that, but true :)). They will hybernate under your roof... under the shingles... between the ice... or something like that. When I returned home and continued gardening, although they still kept after me, I was able to continue working with a different view or new found respect for Lady Bugs.

I must however admit that I was not crazy about having a number of them *inside* my house. Hub had the job of eliminating them, and he's the type that will return them outside :))

As for their color: when the arrived, they were bright red/orange. After a couple of days, seemed like they were orangy/yellow.. getting lighty with the sun. When I left Sunday, there was much much less. Maybe they got carried away with the high winds we had or they're under my shingles.. hahaha.

Daisy Ottawa

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 18-Oct-01 07:11 PM EST

I am in the Kawartha Lakes region. I read today that entamologists are a little worried about these ladybugs, they hope they will not interbreed with our own and create a 'superbug' It will take 3 years to tell if they are increasing more than our own little creatures. So, Brian, I don't think anyone should send you any !!

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Alex
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Oct-01 01:35 PM EST

Hey Brian, I was wondering about ladybug purchase a few weeks ago. Hardly a bug all summer - I could have used them for my v.creeper. I have seen more of them this fall at least. Is there some way to encourage, promote, assist them to overwinter at all - do you think? The superlady bug (Hi Ann) may set off an unitentioned chain of events. But a few more of the local ones??? Hey, does anyone in Edmonton have an infestation in their micro-climate yard they want to share?

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Oct-01 06:37 PM EST

Super Ladybugs. Pros & Cons. Pro. If they do a better job on pests, why not? Con. If they prey on other good bugs, I say keep them under control.

Subject: RE: Ladybugs
From: Annie D
Zone: 5b
Date: 23-Oct-01 01:22 PM EST

We also had hundreds of these orange spotted lady bugs on the outside of our house and some inside. I have since learned that they are actually Asian beetles and they do bite. We live in the Quinte area and we had one day when there was thousands in the area and now we have maybe a few hundred hanging around our house and in the garage. I hope they are as beneficial as our native red lady bug.

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