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Susan12-Oct-01 03:09 PM EST 6a   
rosebud 212-Oct-01 06:29 PM EST   
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Subject: need ideas for garden journal
From: Marianne
Date: 12-Oct-01 01:04 PM EST

Our garden club would like to make garden journals for a fund raiser. We thought we would use a binder so pages could be added or removed. Besides decorating the cover in a garden theme, what are some ideas we can fill up some of the pages? We thought we could have divider pages with the month on top with garden tips and hints for that month with blank pages behind. Other ideas?

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Oct-01 03:09 PM EST

I also record daily high/low temperatures, weather conditions , barometric pressuure and wind direction. My last year's garden journal had places for all that (actually it used symbols for sun/rain/partly cloudy etc. so you just needed to circle the appropriate one.) The journal I use this year is specifically for Toronto area and it has first & last frost dates whch is very good to know. It also has an appendix listing local garden centers and seed sources and things like that. It has places to record, by month, 'delights' and 'failures'; last year's had a place, by month, to record notes for next year.

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
From: rosebud 2
Date: 12-Oct-01 06:29 PM EST

The "Daisy" got it's name because the yellow center resembled the sun. It was commonly known as the "day's eye" and later became known as daisy

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
Date: 12-Oct-01 06:37 PM EST

In the early 1800's it was popular to depict the months of a calendar with beautiful paintings or pictures of flowers. To this day certain flowers represent certain months. The flowers noted on the side are now called "birthday" flowers. When you receive your "Lifetime Reminder Service" card in the mail consider custom ordering your gift basket.

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MONTH FLOWER JANUARY Carnation FEBRUARY Violet MARCH Daffodil or Jonquil APRIL Daisy or Sweet Pea MAY Lily of the Valley JUNE Rose JULY Larkspur or Water Lily AUGUST Gladiola or Poppy SEPTEMBER Aster or Morning Glory OCTOBER Calendula NOVEMBER Chrysanthemum DECEMBER Poinsettia or Narcissus

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
From: Mark
Date: 12-Oct-01 06:43 PM EST

you know you've been gardening too long when - you are afraid of cutting the lawn in case your honey shrunk the kids

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
Zone: 3a
Date: 14-Oct-01 06:12 PM EST

where could I purchase a good garden journal in the Edmonton area? Any garden clubs selling them as a fund raiser? Would be a good Christmas gift.

Subject: RE: need ideas for garden journal
From: Dorothy
Date: 15-Oct-01 07:59 PM EST

Lists of companion plants would be a nice addition I think

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