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Subject: what part of monkshood is poisonous?
From: Michele
Date: 09-Apr-00 07:49 PM EST

I've read that monkshood is poisonous. Does anyone know which part? ie leaves, flowers, roots? Also is it safe to have in a garden if one has a toddler running around? Thanks

Subject: RE: what part of monkshood is poisonous?
From: Sonia
Date: 10-Apr-00 03:53 PM EST

According to "Perennials for the Prairies" by Edgar W. Toop and Sara Williams, all plant parts are poisonous, the tuberous roots especially so. Lois Hole recommends in her "Perennials Favourites" that you wash your hands after handling the roots. Neither say how much need be ingested before its fatal.

Subject: RE: what part of monkshood is poisonous?
From: Chris
Date: 10-Apr-00 06:43 PM EST

In the "Reader's Digest 1001 Hints and Tips for Your Garden" Monkshood is listed under "plants with poisonous foilage" along with buttercup, datura, delphinium, diefenbachia, euphorbia, foxglove, iris, oleander, philodendron, potato, rhubarb, rue, and tomato. There are also lists for: plants that cause irritation, plants with poisonous fruits, and plants with all parts poisonous. Sorry, it doesn't give any more information specifically about monkshood. Hope this helps.

Subject: RE: what part of monkshood is poisonous?
From: Sharon
Date: 11-Apr-00 08:32 AM EST

Aconitum (Monkshood, also known as Wolf's bane. In "Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners" which is a handbook on the orign and meaning of the botannical names of some cultivated plants, it is written that the root of the Monkshood was used to poison wolves. Other books I have researched (as I planted Monkshood in my garden about 15 years ago) indicates that the foliage and the roots are extremely poisonous and were used to make very potent poisons many years ago.

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