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Gerri 25-Sep-01 07:43 PM EST 9   
Gerri25-Sep-01 07:48 PM EST
Susan25-Sep-01 08:07 PM EST 6a   
carolincalgary26-Sep-01 02:20 PM EST 3a   

Subject: info on laurel leaf willow
From: Gerri
Zone: 9
Date: 25-Sep-01 07:43 PM EST

I have what looks like a tree growing in my flower bed and when I checked with the nursery, they said it is a Laurel Leaf Willow and can grow to 40 ft. I live in Winnipeg, Canada and willow roots head for water, so should I throw it out, or give it to someone I don't like!! I like willows but they really belong out in the country. I don't know how it got in my flower bed, other than maybe a bird dropped a seen there.

Subject: RE: info on laurel leaf willow zone correction
From: Gerri
Date: 25-Sep-01 07:48 PM EST

Zone oa not 9

Subject: RE: info on laurel leaf willow
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 25-Sep-01 08:07 PM EST

I think you're instincts are right! Particularly if it's anywhere near the house and its weeping tiles or drains, I'd evict it!

Subject: RE: info on laurel leaf willow
From: carolincalgary
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Sep-01 02:20 PM EST

I have a huge laurel leaf willow growing in my backyard about 10 feet from my original house foundation. It is probably about 30 years ago and I dearly love it. I have no problem with invasive roots. The tree is however a long distance away from the water/sewer lines which come inon the other side of the house at the front. It is a great tree but truely probably way to big for the average city lot.

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