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cdabee13-Sep-01 11:19 AM EST 4   
carolincalgary13-Sep-01 11:33 AM EST 3b   
JoanneS13-Sep-01 12:18 PM EST 3a   
Gail15-Sep-01 12:38 PM EST 3   
Nancy19-Sep-01 01:04 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Carpet Roses
From: cdabee
Zone: 4
Date: 13-Sep-01 11:19 AM EST

Can anyone tell me about carpet roses? It was suggested to me, but I cannot remember ever seeing it. Dpes it have other names, and are there variety names I should know about? I live in Ottawa - am I Zone 4 or 3b? Thanks, C.

Subject: RE: Carpet Roses
From: carolincalgary
Zone: 3b
Date: 13-Sep-01 11:33 AM EST

And I would like to know if carpet roses are likely to be hardy in Calgary.

Subject: RE: Carpet Roses
From: JoanneS
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Sep-01 12:18 PM EST

I planted a carpet rose last summer and it bloomed beautifully all summer. It was spectacular. Unfortunately, it did not survive the winter. Maybe if we had received more snow cover. I think it was hardy to zone 4, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Subject: RE: Carpet Roses
From: Gail
Zone: 3
Date: 15-Sep-01 12:38 PM EST

To Caloline in Calgary, I to live in Calgary (north)& I bought a "carpet rose" for Golden Acres about 4 yrs ago.I don't hardly do anything to it to help it survive(barely remember to water it)and I have flowers each year. I seem to remember the name was some what different than carpet rose but the words carpet rose was in brackets. Just ask @ the garden centre.Also carpet roses are mentioned @ this site. Just the entire site has a lot of info also

Subject: RE: Carpet Roses
From: Nancy
Zone: 5b
Date: 19-Sep-01 01:04 PM EST

I suggest you type in www. Russian roses for the These will give you a hardy selection. Many of the patio or carpet roses are not hardy for our regions. Carpet roses have one bad thing going on: Grass grows up in between the rose branches and you have to pull out grass by hand. I bought one this year and planted it in a container. The whole container will be planted in the rose garden soon. This container will allow the lawnmower and weedeater access to the grass growing near the plant.

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