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Serena08-Sep-01 09:47 AM EST 5a   
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Linda08-Sep-01 12:17 PM EST   
Ann08-Sep-01 07:35 PM EST 4b   
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Suzanne05-Apr-02 10:31 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Serena
Zone: 5a
Date: 08-Sep-01 09:47 AM EST

I want to grow flowers for centre pieces for my friends wedding Sept.14/2002. Everthing in my garden is starting to fade right now like the Purple Cones, Black eyed Susans, Globe thisle, sunflowers etc. What would be at its peak in Mid Sept....Dinner plate Dahilas? Bulbs or annuals or perennials- it doesn't matter. Suggestions?

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Dave
Zone: 6
Date: 08-Sep-01 10:57 AM EST

My favourites this time of year are dahilas, butterfly bush, pampas grass, zinnias, sunflowers, cleome(spider plant) and delphiniums. There is such a wide variety of dahilas and they are great in centre pieces. Grass tassles come in many shapes, colours and sizes. My favourite is pampas. Zinnias have incredible varieties of colour. Sunflowers if you cut the top bloom off will send lots of smaller blooms which can be even better than the first and would be ready for cutting around this time of year. I especially like the dark centre sunflowers with brown petals. Cleome petals are very fragile and the stem has a weird odour but in the right arrangement they are quite nice. And finally about half of our delphiniums are in full bloom again. After the first bloom my wife cuts them back to the ground and about two weeks ago they started blooming, a little less spectacular than the first bloom but still a sight to see.

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Dave
Date: 08-Sep-01 12:13 PM EST

Just had a quick walk of the garden and saw a few more suggestions. Our annual black-eyed susans are still blooming as well as a similar plant with larger flowers called 'Indian Summer'. Golden rod, Garlic chives and my favourite, PeeGee Hydrangea.

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Linda
Date: 08-Sep-01 12:17 PM EST

Try Glads and dahlias. they come in all sizes, and colors.

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Ann
Zone: 4b
Date: 08-Sep-01 07:35 PM EST

My Asters are just at their best and they come in lots of colours and sizes. Also Larkspur make nice bouquets or centrepieces. Everlastings - like Statice are nice too. You could plant Gypsophilia later than usual to add in as a filler.

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 08-Sep-01 07:58 PM EST

Do not go by this year unless next will be dry again. I had planted flowers to peak late August - early September as my daughter was being married but the drought, cutworms, and earwigs threw everything off. My dahlias, brown eye susans, sunflowers, and cone flowers were past or not ready yet as not enough moisture, my glads were the wrong color, and the laveteria turned out to be hollyhocks. We did receive a couple of good rains recently (one during the moved outdoor reception) which has perked up my garden a week too late. As some of my flowers wilted, and others sulked, I became very aware of what neighbours and friends had growing. By raiding many gardens we used Giant Zinnias, Love Lies Bleeding, Cleome, Laveteria, Bells of Ireland, Asters, seed pods of Love in a Mist, Bapitisa foliage, Glads, Delphiniums, Queen Anne Lace, and Goldenrod. I really wanted to stop at a stranger's place and ask for their Hydrangea, as it looked beautiful, but just could not get up the nerve. Actually, as we had to be more creative than usual, the flowers looked very nice. Pictures of my garden last year at this time show quite a difference from this year. All of the flowers you mentioned have also faded in my garden this year, except for the sunflowers that now have just hit their stride

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Dorothy
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Apr-02 10:22 PM EST

such a welcome topic,my daugher is getting married in mid August and we have been trying to think what flowers I could grow that will still be looking good by then, especially if we have another hot summer,as I am on a well.I am going to try and find some short white lilies and plant in pots so I can move them about the garden for some photos before she leaves for the church.I have seeds for white cosmos, white zinnia, and would like something blue to match the bridesmaids gowns. love in a mist sounds nice or larkspur. I will keep looking, for nice greenery to compliment the flowers, maybe asparagus ferns, or similar will add a nice light touch.

Subject: RE: Wedding flowers for mid Sept2002
From: Suzanne
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-Apr-02 10:31 PM EST

In our dry sunny garden September is the month that is most glorious with realms of trailing Morning Glories, masses and masses of Cosmos (pink, white, carmine, butter yellow, bright pinky red, seashell shaped,);3-4 foot spires of azure blue perennial salvia(I ordered from )and tumbling rivers of fragrant sweet allysum. The Cosmos are so easy to grow by seed broadcast into a sunny bed that is not too rich. They last well as cut flowers and work well for a bright country style look.The Salvia too. It's spires even dry nicely. The Morning Glories are tricky to keep fresh after cutting, but I have had luck with a section of vine submerged in water and kept in the shade. You could try it. The sweet allysum is also fine stuck into florist's foam. What I don't have experience with but have seen doing well in September in this zone is anemones. There are some beautiful pink ones with yellow centres, I saw these advertised (bulbs) on the same website gardenimport. Go for the Cosmos - they are so hardy and easy and pretty too. Hope this helps.

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