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How to control sudden flea beetle infestation

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Alex Eckardt28-Aug-01 08:06 PM EST 3   

Subject: How to control sudden flea beetle infestation
From: Alex Eckardt
Zone: 3
Date: 28-Aug-01 08:06 PM EST

My garden has been hit with a massive flea beetle infestation over the last 4-5 days. The shiny, black critters are on every leaf there is.

Arugula and most Asian Greens were obliterated first - they are just skeletons punctured with innumerable tiny holes. Next came the Kale and Swiss Chard. Now these millions of flea beetles are destroying every flower and vegetable still alive. Wherever I walk, I am stirring up whole clouds of them.

I am looking for a "big chemical club" - something that is truly effective. There were a small number of flea beetles over the last month or so which I tried to control with Rotenone Dust - no success.

Since Rotenone Dust has turned out to be useless what chemical will do the job ??? !!!!

At this point I am only concerned about next season. What will come out of all those millions and millions of eggs and larvae. I do not want another outbreak like this one and a whole crop destroyed.

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