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transplanting rhubarb

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Ruth14-Aug-01 12:39 PM EST 4a   
Victoria14-Aug-01 12:50 PM EST 3a   
Ruth14-Aug-01 01:12 PM EST 4a   
DAVE14-Aug-01 03:43 PM EST   

Subject: transplanting rhubarb
From: Ruth
Zone: 4a
Date: 14-Aug-01 12:39 PM EST

I just found this site. Looks interesting. I have need for an urgent answer on moving my rhubarb plants, as we are preparing to build a new pole shed right where my plants are located. Can I move them now and have them survive? HELP, I don't want to lose them. Thanks.

Subject: RE: transplanting rhubarb
From: Victoria
Zone: 3a
Date: 14-Aug-01 12:50 PM EST

We just built a deck and I had to move things in summer too - not the optimal time to do it, but everything is surviving! I would pull your stalks out so only about 5-6 leaves remain per plant and dig it up in as big a clump as you can and move it to an already prepared hole - just water it a lot and maybe protect it from the hot sun to reduce stress for the next week or so. (I did all my transplants in the evening - don't know if this made a difference or not!) It's worth a try - doesn't sound like you have anything to lose. Good luck!

Subject: RE: transplanting rhubarb
From: Ruth
Zone: 4a
Date: 14-Aug-01 01:12 PM EST

Thanks Victoria. I am going to try what you suggest, but it is so very dry here this summer. No rain since late June. We feel we've moved to a desert! Talking rain tonight, but beginning to doubt anyone! I will water them hard and hope for the best. Like you say, I've nothing to lose.

Subject: RE: transplanting rhubarb
From: DAVE
Date: 14-Aug-01 03:43 PM EST

If the soil around the plant, to be moved, is dry, I always like to water the area for two or three days prior to transplanting. It gives the plant a good boost before you dig it up and most important, it helps you get a big clump of dirt with the roots. The clump is less likely to crumble away as you carry the plant to the new location. Especially in dry conditons, it also helps to water the new location prior to the transplanting.

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