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Help! with my wisteria.

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Linda07-Apr-00 08:09 PM EST   
Carolyn07-Apr-00 08:32 PM EST   
Kate Haranyi14-Apr-00 12:22 AM EST   
Margie Campbell15-Apr-00 12:19 AM EST   
Luba20-Apr-00 05:03 PM EST   

Subject: Help! with my wisteria.
From: Linda
Date: 07-Apr-00 08:09 PM EST

My new wisteria doesnot seem to be growing like I thought it should.We're in zone5a to6 planted on the south side on an arbor and has late afternoon shade.

Subject: RE: Help! with my wisteria.
From: Carolyn
Date: 07-Apr-00 08:32 PM EST

Hi Linda!

I'm not sure how old your wisteria is but if it's pretty young just give it some time. I'm in zone 6/7 and put one in 3 years ago. It didn't grow at all the first year so I moved it to a more southern exposure. In its' 2nd year it was about 1ft tall. I really almost gave up on it. In its'3rd year it wrapped itself round and round our pergola post(upwards of 7ft) and is travelling across the overhead beams of this structure. It hasn't flowered yet but apparantly it may take a few years for that. From what I've read, wisteria will bloom if it's not cared too well for. That is; cut out the fertilizer.

Subject: RE: Help! with my wisteria.
From: Kate Haranyi
Date: 14-Apr-00 12:22 AM EST

I live in the Kitchener area, planted a wisteria 4 years ago and had six flowers last year they were the largest blooms i've ever seen, so just be patient and and don't baby them

Subject: RE: Help! with my wisteria.
From: Margie Campbell
Date: 15-Apr-00 12:19 AM EST

We've had our wisteria planted on the south side of our garden for over 5 years now with nary a bloom. I am hoping this is the year of great disply. In the meantime, it has grown up the dekc support post (12 ft), and all along the deck to provide wonderful privacy and foliage. In the meantime, I find Heavenly Blue morning glories are not too proud to climb up the wisteria and provide some pretty blossoms while I continue to wait for the wisteria to do it's thing. I've heard it can take up to 7 years for them to bloom.

Subject: RE: Help! with my wisteria.
From: Luba
Date: 20-Apr-00 05:03 PM EST

I watch many gardening shows on TV and listen to advice on the radio. On the "Victory Garden," the host advised cutting wisteria branches back to two leaf nodes from the main branch twice a year; the first time in early spring, and the second in the summer after blooming. Mark Cullen last year recommended root trimming; digging a spade around the base of the vine and cutting off some of the roots. What these two methods are supposed to do is shock the plant into thinking that it's under attack, thereby putting out flowers in order to produce seeds and save itself from destruction. My wisteria was a three year old plant when I bought it, and this is the fourth year that it has been in my garden. It has never flowered. Last year I root trimmed it, and last week I cut back many of the spindly, thin branches. Hopefully, I may have some bloom this year.

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