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Pond liners

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Linda20-Jul-01 11:50 PM EST 2a   
Bria @ P&P Plants21-Jul-01 09:56 PM EST 3   
Linda22-Jul-01 11:00 PM EST   
Brian @ P&P Plants23-Jul-01 01:12 AM EST 3   
tracy 24-Jul-01 03:09 PM EST 1a   

Subject: Pond liners
From: Linda
Zone: 2a
Date: 20-Jul-01 11:50 PM EST

We are putting in a large pond and have to line it. I need information on liners. We have acsess to new liners used in the oil patch will these work or will they leach and kill all the wildlife?

Subject: RE: Pond liners
From: Bria @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Jul-01 09:56 PM EST

I market water containment systems and it uses 30mil Blick Plastic. That is the material that is used in the Oil Patch. I have ab 8000 gallon pond that I store rainwater in, it is lined with the material. The biggest problem is the dirt, leaves, insects and other materials that end up in the water. If you are using the pond to store water, a cover would be reccommended to keep it clean. Can I be of other assistance?

Subject: RE: Pond liners
From: Linda
Date: 22-Jul-01 11:00 PM EST

Thanks for the info. Have you found anything growing in the holding container

Subject: RE: Pond liners
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 23-Jul-01 01:12 AM EST

Some water bugs. My pond filled up last year and has been replenish by about 50% new rain water so it is kept fresh. I dont expect any algae if it keeps getting fresh water. The plastic doesn't have any soil over it so there is nothing for plants to establish their in and anchor themselves. If any wind born seeds were to fall in the water, they wont be successful in growing. I use a net attached to a pole to scoop uot leaves and other large objects that fall into the water. Another thing that is required is a board floating in the water with one end anchored to an edge and the other end weighted so that end of the board is under the surface of the water. This is neccessary so if an animal falls into the water, it can get onto the board and walk up it to the edge of the pond and safety. I have had snakes, salamanders and frogs fall into mine before I realized I had to do something. The board is easy any takes very little cost to make it work. The Plastic liner is very slippery, even if a person falls into the pond, they have a hard struggle to get out. I have placed a rope that floats in my pond and it is anchored to a post so if anyone falls in they can pull themselves out by the rope. These are good reasons why a cover may be worht the consideration.

Subject: RE: Pond liners
From: tracy
Zone: 1a
Date: 24-Jul-01 03:09 PM EST

We just put a pond in this year and used the stuff they use to cover bale stacks with and they also use it for sheds. It works great.

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