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Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???

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Norma17-Jul-01 11:27 PM EST
D. Moore18-Jul-01 12:43 AM EST   
20-Jul-01 12:58 AM EST   
Marianne27-Jul-01 06:46 PM EST 3   
31-Jul-01 01:51 AM EST   

Subject: Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???
From: Norma
Date: 17-Jul-01 11:27 PM EST


I have the strangest creature in my yard!! It comes out at dusk (like a bat), it flies and maneuvers (sp?) like a hummingbird - it definately has wings, and it has a huge body like a moth??????

Does anyone know what this might be? It feeds on the lillies and will dive-bomb you if you get in its way. It's body length is about 3 inches, width is about 1.5 inches and I've never seen the wings stop, so don't know how long they are. It has the definate head/face of a moth and the body is very similar to a moth.

Location: Kelowna

It does not have bat wings, so am assuming it is not a bat.


Subject: RE: Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???
From: D. Moore
Date: 18-Jul-01 12:43 AM EST

What you have is a sphinx moth. They are fantastic!!! Yes they do resemble hummingbirds and are also called hummingbird moths. They mostly feed at night so you will see them mainly in the early evening. The neat thing I found with them is how close you can get up to them and how they seem to almost follow you around. Enjoy, so many people don't get to.

Subject: RE: Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???
Date: 20-Jul-01 12:58 AM EST

Wow! Thanks for your help. He is a strange creature, like you say he is always out in my garden just as dusk approaches, and almost seems to want to "haunt" me by flying circles around me. I might have a hard time enjoying him.....just another scary encounter in my widow spiders, snakes, miniature scorpions (otherwise known as earwigs) and now killer moths! Oh...but I love to garden!!

Subject: RE: Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???
From: Marianne
Zone: 3
Date: 27-Jul-01 06:46 PM EST

We had one of these things in the flower bed one night and it scared the H - - - out of me. I didn't weed that part of the garden all year. I thought anything that big could bit and carry diseases. Whew! glad to hear I was safe all this time. I even had a nightmare about it.

Subject: RE: Hummingbird/moth/bat genetic defect???
Date: 31-Jul-01 01:51 AM EST

Hey Marianne - I'm with you on those nightmares!! Haven't seen him lately, however like you mentioned I try not to visit that part of the garden in the evening!

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