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Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)

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Arlene11-Jul-01 03:15 PM EST 3a   
Ed11-Jul-01 09:31 PM EST 5a   
ingrid11-Jul-01 09:38 PM EST 3a   
Janet11-Jul-01 09:51 PM EST 5   
glen12-Jul-01 10:39 AM EST 3   
Linda12-Jul-01 11:55 AM EST 2a   
Arlene12-Jul-01 01:07 PM EST 3a   
Dana12-Jul-01 03:44 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Arlene
Zone: 3a
Date: 11-Jul-01 03:15 PM EST

Hi. I've been given a Royal Purple Smokebush, (it's in a plastic container) and I'm wondering if I should hold off with planting it right now because we are experiencing a heat wave (temperatures of 30C+) and wait for cooler weather. It's tag reads "Full sun,water regularly as needed." Also would like to know if it will tolerate partial shade, because I will need to put it in a sheltered/ protected area. (I'm in Zone 3a)Has anyone in Zone 3 had success with overwintering these and is there anything else I should know before I plant? Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Jul-01 09:31 PM EST

I would hold off planting until late Sept or Oct. Partial shade is no problem except for intense colouration, full sun is essential. I hope someone in Zone 3 will come up with hope for optimism as to winter survival. This is likely to be questionable.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: ingrid
Zone: 3a
Date: 11-Jul-01 09:38 PM EST

I have my smokebush 'grace' planted against a westfacing white stucco garage (unheated). So it gets a lot of western sun from maybe 230pm till 830 at the most (a large spruce tree provides some shade). It survived last winter and looks OK (I wish the leaves were more purple though). I mulched it with dry leaves along with a neighbouring zebra grass, which died. At Hole's, where I purchased my smokebush, I was told it would die back to the ground every winter and it did. It's maybe one ft high now.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Janet
Zone: 5
Date: 11-Jul-01 09:51 PM EST

Mine (purple) dies back to snow cover each year, but that's OK ... as I said in another thread recently, it's better if it dies back to the ground, as the colour is stunning. I hope it overwinters for you.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: glen
Zone: 3
Date: 12-Jul-01 10:39 AM EST

Potted trees/shrubs can be planted basically during spring, summer or fall, but the sooner you plant the sooner it will give it time to establish a root system before winter. I agree, definitely don't plant during a heatwave. Look for a few days of cooler weather, or cloudy weather. I planted my rose last year in July and put a plastic patio table overtop for a couple of days to give it some shade. Take the usual precautions: have planting hole ready ahead, water the plant well in the pot, take out and put in the ground immediately, etc. Check every few days to see if ground around it is moist. They say every plant suffers somewhat from transplanting, whether it is visible or not, but I also think those shrubs suffer in those little black pots where you have to water everyday and by days end they are dry once again, not to mention the soil has pretty well lost it's nutrients.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Linda
Zone: 2a
Date: 12-Jul-01 11:55 AM EST

Does the smoke bush have leaves the shape of aspen?

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Arlene
Zone: 3a
Date: 12-Jul-01 01:07 PM EST

Linda: There is a close-up photo of Purple Smokebush at this site - Thanks to everyone for their advice.

Subject: RE: Cotinus coggygria (Smokebush)
From: Dana
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Jul-01 03:44 PM EST

My grandpa always said not to plant a tree in a month without an R.

Not sure on the validity of that statement...but I live by it.

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