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Betty10-Jul-01 01:06 PM EST 6   
Susan10-Jul-01 04:33 PM EST 6a   
tuffy22-Jul-01 12:47 PM EST 2b   
Betty22-Jul-01 02:47 PM EST 5a   
Lila Ritschard23-Jul-01 01:09 PM EST 4   
Betty23-Jul-01 07:28 PM EST 5a   

Subject: water gardening
From: Betty
Zone: 6
Date: 10-Jul-01 01:06 PM EST

We have received a small preformed pond. It is a kidney shape 27 gallons and 13" in depth. My daughter purchased 7 goldfish what type of plant and how many to give us a good balance. We have a filtering system. Thanks for any assistance you can give. Betty

Subject: RE: water gardening
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 10-Jul-01 04:33 PM EST

You might find the 'frequently asked pond questions' on this web page of use to you:

Subject: RE: water gardening Help My pond turned green
From: tuffy
Zone: 2b
Date: 22-Jul-01 12:47 PM EST

I have had a pond for a couple of years and this year I thought I did everything right. I have oxygenating plants(lungwort) several water hyacinths a water lettuce and 5 fish. It has been doing great until a couple of days ago it turned to pea soup. We have had really hot weather. Does that have anything to do with it. Thanks for any info. It will be appreciated>

Subject: RE: water gardening
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 22-Jul-01 02:47 PM EST

Hot weather is an algae breeder and that is why water lilies are also recommended for a pond, they provide shade to the water with their large pads. Over feeding of fish is another prime reason for algae. Using a pump to move the water either in a waterfall or a fountain aids in the prevention of algae as well. I have had a pond for 6 years now and have usually managed to keep the green out of the water. In my case my pond is at least 3 feet deep which also helps. When it does hit, stop the feeding of the fish until it clears a bit. The fish will not starve and can aid by eating the algae. There is chenicals you can get but I prefer natural means. Good luck, it should not last that long.

Subject: RE: water gardening
From: Lila Ritschard
Zone: 4
Date: 23-Jul-01 01:09 PM EST

I also have a large pond (aprox 8000 gal) with waterfall, small upper pond and a 15ft stream) that we dug and put in last summer. We have aprox 60 oxiginator plants, a parrots feather, 6 winter hardy water lilly's, a dwarf papyrus, marsh marigold, dwarf cat tail, and sweet water grass. We have battled murky water all year so far (oh yes about 30 fish none exceeding 6in). Feed the fish very sparingly..maybe 3 days a week and introduced black japanese snails to help control the algae. The pond gets shade in am and late evening and full sun about 6 hours mid morning and early afternoon... We have tried everything to get the water to clear and nothing has helped. It is lined not dirt. Any ideas???? Help!

Subject: RE: water gardening
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Jul-01 07:28 PM EST

Lila, sounds like you have a beautiful display, and doing all the right things. Why not check with the real experts at the following web site - they have quite a few ideas. I am beginning to think I have been just been lucky with mine.

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