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Cherry tree problems

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Liliana Bertolotti28-Jun-01 04:56 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Cherry tree problems
From: Liliana Bertolotti
Zone: 6a
Date: 28-Jun-01 04:56 PM EST

In 1997 when we moved into this house the 2 cherry trees in the back gave us few but very good cherries. In 1998 we had more good cherries but some had worms. In 2000 the worms ate the crop and I read that they could have originated from a fly that lays its eggs in the fruit, the fruit then drops to the ground and the larvae live in the soil till the next year when it again becomes a fly... So last year I made it a point of picking up every single cherry from the ground and this year there does not seem to be any worms in the cherries. However, a lot of cherries are rotting on the tree (which could be due to the heavy continuous rains we had in May, and, more worrisome, one of the trees seems to be dying - the one that had the more severe worm infection both years. It grew less leaves (noticeable last year too) and they are already turning yellow and dropping - the cherries are abundant but have stopped growing and are drying up before reaching maturity. In April of this year we noticed two nests of tent caterpillars which we cut off and disposed of.

The first year (1997) we also had a infestation of earwigs around the tree and the trunk is cracked near the ground. Could they have migrated inside the tree and be causing the problem? The other tree seems healthy, lots of leaves and fruit, but a lot of the fruit is moulding.

We have never applied anything except the Miracle Grow fertilizer spikes a couple of times since we moved in.

Is there hope do you think? I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Liliana Toronto

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