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pat15-Jun-01 10:50 PM EST
Ann16-Jun-01 07:37 PM EST   
Lorraine Harrietha16-Jun-01 08:47 PM EST 6a   
Cindy18-Jun-01 10:29 AM EST 3   
Brian @ P&P Plants18-Jun-01 03:45 PM EST 3   
Dave19-Jun-01 06:44 PM EST   
sandra22-Jun-01 08:11 PM EST   
Grace23-Jun-01 02:50 PM EST   

Subject: mosquitoes
From: pat
Date: 15-Jun-01 10:50 PM EST

I live in Pickering, Ontario. The only drawback to spending time in my backyard is the amount of mosquitoes who successfully manage to drive me away. Can someone recommend either a natural or chemical way to control the population? Is this simply a timing thing, ie. will they disappear by end of June/July? is it something I'm doing wrong such as watering late in the day, watering too much, not growing the right plants. Help....

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Ann
Date: 16-Jun-01 07:37 PM EST

Make sure you have no standing water that they can lay eggs in, sometimes that is what draws them to a particular area. We keep screens on our water barrels and put fresh water in bird baths. If you have a pond keep the water moving. There could be a wet area near your home that attracts them. Hope that helps.

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Lorraine Harrietha
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Jun-01 08:47 PM EST

Damp humid weather will bring mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are also attracted to cedars. Any standing water. There's not much you can do except wear lotion to ward off the mosquitoes. Also do not wear anything blue. They are attracted to the colour. Lorraine,Toronto 6A

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Cindy
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Jun-01 10:29 AM EST

The absolute best mosquito repellent I've tried is Watkins. It has a lot of deet in it so avoid the eyes etc...

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Jun-01 03:45 PM EST

There is an excellent Guide that has recently hit the books stores, it is: NatureScape-Albeerta, Creating and caring for wildlife habitat at home. It has various methods for Mosquito and other nusance pests. It costs $24.95, The ISBN is 0-9685765-0-8. Your book store should be able to order it by that number. If you cant get it that way, contact: Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Box 1472, Edmonton, Alta, T5J 2N5. This guide is full of information that is directed at making your yard suitable to attract wildlife such as Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Snakes, Toads etc.

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Dave
Date: 19-Jun-01 06:44 PM EST

I've found bug zappers and citronella to be pretty useless. Eliminating standing water (even bird baths should be changed every two days), reduce the amount of shade (they hide from the sun) and wear Deet. I was surprised to learn that Deet has been around for over 40 years. I've found the following site to be very informative Especially with the West Nile virus around you want to eliminate all contact with misquitoes.

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: sandra
Date: 22-Jun-01 08:11 PM EST

Help! I have just returned from a cottage which has so many cedar and maple trees, it is on the Ottawa river, but no mosquitoes??? Yet our home is about 5 miles away again on the Ottawa river and full of those darn bugs. Do mosquitoes like certain trees? I'm frustrated.

Subject: RE: mosquitoes
From: Grace
Date: 23-Jun-01 02:50 PM EST

I've found that mosquitoes do not like Avon Skin-so-Soft. Whenever I plan to go outside to work in my yard or go to a social gathering, I first take a bath with skin-so-soft in the water...just a good squirt...and for the most part they stay away. I sometimes just spread it on the unexposed areas as well, but putting it in the bath water gives an overall covering. As I don't spend a LOT of time outside, this seems to work for me. I hate the smell of mosquito repellents.

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