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Sick Clamatis

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Pat14-Jun-01 11:49 PM EST 7b   
Dave15-Jun-01 01:10 PM EST   
Pat17-Jun-01 02:02 AM EST   
Debbie17-Jun-01 02:50 AM EST   
Pat17-Jun-01 10:10 AM EST   
Joyce22-Jun-01 03:28 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Sick Clamatis
From: Pat
Zone: 7b
Date: 14-Jun-01 11:49 PM EST

I purchased a beautiful Clamatis-Piilu for a treat on Mother's Day. It rushed up the fence, full of buds and then wilted. One stem died. There is new growth at the base, but it seems that as soon as buds develop, it wilts and the buds do not open. Any ideas???

Subject: RE: Sick Clamatis
From: Dave
Date: 15-Jun-01 01:10 PM EST

I've found that clematis love 1) soil with lots of organic material, 2) the base of the plant covered by other plants or shade, 3) and most important of all, a hand full of lime every spring. Since your plant seems to be growing strong then wilting, I'd suggest you get some lime (It's real cheap) and spread it around the base of your plant. Water it in and give it a few weeks.

Subject: RE: Sick Clamatis
From: Pat
Date: 17-Jun-01 02:02 AM EST

Thanks for the info. I have good soil and the base of the plant covered. I will try the lime. It is looking very sick right now. Hope it will revive. There are new shoots at the base, so I'm hoping it can still be saved.

Subject: RE: Sick Clamatis
From: Debbie
Date: 17-Jun-01 02:50 AM EST

Not to worry will be fine. The older the plants gets the stronger it will get and beable to fight of the virus. Wilt is is just one of those things that plague clematis..cause is unknown. I have read lots on it and no one seems to really know why it just does. Piilu sure is beautiful and can be a very prolific bloomer, one worth hanging in for!

Subject: RE: Sick Clamatis
From: Pat
Date: 17-Jun-01 10:10 AM EST

Thanks for the encouragement. I see beautiful Clamatis plants flowering in even the most untended gardens- I guess, as you say, it's a matter of hanging in there until it takes hold.

Subject: Re: sick cedars
From: Joyce
Zone: 5b
Date: 22-Jun-01 03:28 PM EST

sprayed with malathion and it did not help -any suggestions I think its cedar leaf miner

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