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Is it wise to plant cedar hedges

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Nancy Robitaille11-Jun-01 03:51 PM EST 4b   
Ed 11-Jun-01 06:28 PM EST 5a   
Laura15-Jun-01 08:20 AM EST 5b   
Dave15-Jun-01 01:01 PM EST   
George Macaskill15-Jun-01 06:29 PM EST 5   
Betty16-Jun-01 02:13 PM EST 5a   
Sue19-Jun-01 04:25 PM EST   
19-Jun-01 05:53 PM EST   

Subject: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Nancy Robitaille
Zone: 4b
Date: 11-Jun-01 03:51 PM EST

I am thinking of planting cedar hedges around my property for privacy. I have heard cedars attract mosquitos. Is this true? What should be done for cedars that might become "rusty". To stimulate growth should they be trimmed on the top and sides or on the top only? Thanks

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Jun-01 06:28 PM EST

As a hedge plant, Cedar has beena favourite of mine for many years. I have not found that cedars attract mosquitoes, but requiring shade to escape hot Summer days, they probably find cedars provide an ampleand convenient supply of it. In that sense, cedars may be said to attract them. Planted in the open with full sun, cedars do not become " rusty ". Road salt may cause brownish discolouration, and under certain conditions, mature seed pods may temporarily result in a somewhat similar effect. The purpose of pruning is not to stimulate growth, but rather to make the growth more dense, and to provide an even line at both top and sides. Although an annual "shearing" may suffice, mine receive at least three per season to provide maximum density.

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Laura
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-Jun-01 08:20 AM EST

Our hedge is now unbelievably tall but the bottom is thinning out and "rusting". We have received estimates of over $1000 to trim it. Is there anything else we could/should be doing to help it out? We want to have it done professionally but not sure if we can manage the money.

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Dave
Date: 15-Jun-01 01:01 PM EST

Ideally when you 'trim' cedars you take off 1-2 inches of growth. This promotes good compact growth. A maximum trim would take 3-4 inches off the side and 9-12 inches on the top. Anymore than this and you've cut back past the leaf part of the bush and you end up with sticks showing. Once you've trimmed past the leaf area it is ugly. And very difficult and time consuming to get the cedar to regrow this area. Also, cedar like lots of sun so you want to trim the bush in a pyramidal shape so that the bottom is exposed to the sun. It sounds like the tops of your cedars are blocking the sun from the lower branches which in turn causes the thinning of the lower branches. A good ladder and electric hedge clippers are a lot less than $1,000 and it's good exercise. I'd do the trimming myself. Cedar clippings are great to mulch and put around your acid loving plants.

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: George Macaskill
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Jun-01 06:29 PM EST

We havehad cedar hedges for twenty years or more on a 5 acre property and they have done extremely well with a couple of provisos. If you are in a heavy snow area trim the hedge in a conical shape so the snow falls off. Otherwise heavy snow can break the cedars or uproot them by forcing them down. (Cedars have ridiculously meagre roots). Also in our area( Southern Ontario) we have the cedar moth, which turns the cedars brown if not treated. In May and August we spray with Cygon 2E - and you'll see the tiny moths fly out in clouds. And, heck don't pay a thousand dollars to trim a hedge. An electric trimmer is about $60-$70 and mine last up to ten years. And when trimming, always walk backwards so you can keep running your eye along the hedge you have cut. Hope this helps.

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-Jun-01 02:13 PM EST

I do not have a hedge but 2 glode cedars that are rather big ( about 25 years old ). My problem is that I allowed someone to cut cedar from them at Christmas for garland. I now have those ugly sticks showing and since they could not reach the top, the cedars are more oval than global now. Dave, you say difficult and time consuming to get it back. I have used lots of fertiliser, but they still look like they are having a bad hair day. What should I be doing to give them as much assistance as possible? Thanks

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
From: Sue
Date: 19-Jun-01 04:25 PM EST

I live in Vancouver and I do have cedar hedges around my property. Sometimes I use the manual hedge trimmer, doing bits at a time. I don't know what my husband did, we had to replace the B&D electric trimmer once every year or once every two years. He said the cedar got into the trimmer(??). Is it the design problem? We are thinking of buying a cordless TORO trimmer.

Subject: RE: Is it wise to plant cedar hedges
Date: 19-Jun-01 05:53 PM EST

Hi Betty. Cedar loves full sun and lots of water. It's also very unforgiving. In hind sight, it would have been best to take the boughs off the top since this is the fastest growing part of the tree. However, it sounds like you're doing everything you can and the only suggestion is to let 'time heal all wounds'.Hi Sue. I too have a B&D trimmer. I have a 40 foot hedge and my father-in-law has about 150 feet of cedar circling his property. Both of us have used the same trimmer for ten years , haven't oiled or cleaned it once and it works great. I can't imagine how you could burn one out in a year.

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