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Maidenhair fern

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Fern dummy04-Apr-00 04:30 PM EST   
Fern Crazed11-Apr-00 04:01 PM EST   

Subject: Maidenhair fern
From: Fern dummy
Date: 04-Apr-00 04:30 PM EST

I have four Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum pedatum) that I purchased three years ago and have managed to get them to survive our cold Alberta winters. I have them planted in a shady moist area to which I added compost to. They were only about 10 inches wide by 8 inches high last summer. I would like to increase the numbers but our local nursery and garden centres don't stock them anymore. I don't really know very much about ferns but I thought all ferns produced spores yet I haven't noticed any on them. Are they to young or to small to produce spores? Are the spores so tiny that I am missing something? Any advice would be really appreciated

Subject: RE: Maidenhair fern
From: Fern Crazed
Date: 11-Apr-00 04:01 PM EST

It sounds to me as if the four Maidenhairs you own are all rather immature plants, however, all ferns do produce spores and most also reproduce by rhizomes as well.

I would give them another year to grow then consider dividing them up the next year.

Maidenhairs are fairly tough plants so be patient with them and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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