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germinating bird food

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ana zone 606-Jun-01 12:31 PM EST
Michele06-Jun-01 02:01 PM EST 3a   
Kathy06-Jun-01 03:24 PM EST 5a   
Debbie06-Jun-01 11:54 PM EST   
peggy07-Jun-01 01:08 AM EST 3a   
Brian @ P&P Plants07-Jun-01 07:03 PM EST 3   
Pam08-Jun-01 07:10 PM EST   

Subject: germinating bird food
From: ana zone 6
Date: 06-Jun-01 12:31 PM EST

I received a bird feeder for Christmas. We finally used it 2weeks ago and noticed the mess the birds left on the ground below the feeder. I hoped that they would eat the dropped food. More than a few of those seeds a sprouting in amongst my pea gravel and perrennials. How do I get rid od the seeds and sprouts? It seems as thought the more I dig, the better the enviroment I give the those seeds.

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: Michele
Zone: 3a
Date: 06-Jun-01 02:01 PM EST

Birds and especially sparrows are messy eaters. We have done several things over the years from moving the feeder to a spot where we can use a Dutch Hoe to cut off the growing seeds to moving the feeder to the lawn and raking the seeds up every so often. Whatever you do feeding birds involves some maintainance work. I like to think of it as a payment for all of the enjoyment we get from watching them

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: Kathy
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Jun-01 03:24 PM EST

A friend of mine says she puts the seed in the microwave for a few minutes before she uses it in her feeders. The seed won't germinate after being "nuked", but I don't have the patience!

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: Debbie
Date: 06-Jun-01 11:54 PM EST

Did you know that birds love sprouted seed..It's a narural food for budgies etc. This doesn't help with your problem but it just a bit of trivia. Actually you can buy special catchers that sit under the base of the feeder..any pet store should have one. I know they are out there because I had one and they do work. You could also move the feeder.

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: peggy
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-Jun-01 01:08 AM EST

many years ago my good friend & neighbor & I came to an agreement after all the bird seed scattered in both our yards from my feeder started to sprout. Now I only feed shelled & unshelled sunflower seeds & peanuts. This takes care of most of the birds as a lot of seed in those mixes they don't eat anyway. In a weak moment several weeks ago I relented & fed them the leftovers from my indoor birds & as a result spent several hours crawling around on my hands & knees today pulling out the sprouts. Never again!!!

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 07-Jun-01 07:03 PM EST

I once & only once bought a bag of bird seed that was full of weed seeds. The mix was cleanings from Canola. The most noxious of the weed seeds was Cleavers. It grows vine like & sticks itself to anything that it contacts. Next to chick weed it is a nusance in the garden. I refuse to buy crappy bird seed from now on & I also tell the merchant that they are sell such. If we refuse to buy poor quality that is infected with weed seed, then we should get better quality & less problems. If you place the seed on a tray in your oven & heat it to 180F for 1/2 hour (does anyone elso know of different temp & time), it will kill the germination of the seed.

Subject: RE: germinating bird food
From: Pam
Date: 08-Jun-01 07:10 PM EST

I just came back from our local bird store...with a very expert staff. I love to garden and I love to feed birds. I buy feed that will not sprout but is usually eaten by sparrows, grackles and jays. They tell me any bird seed can be purchased and prepared so it will not sprout...but it takes time and effort. Put the seed into a roasting pan in a 200 degree oven. Turn every half hour...cook for four hours. I'd far rather pay more for the seed that won't sprout or cook my own seed than try to pull weeds. If you are near or in Calgary I highly recommend the Wild Bird store...on MacLeod Trail...the staff is wonderful and the array of stuff on hand for birding is awesome.

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