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roses in containers

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Shelagh Twist05-Jun-01 03:02 PM EST 6b   
Kiru05-Jun-01 05:29 PM EST   
Marina05-Jun-01 05:31 PM EST 5b   

Subject: roses in containers
From: Shelagh Twist
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Jun-01 03:02 PM EST

I would like to try growing roses in containers on my upper deck. I prefer the english garden type and smaller floribundas. I really dont want to carry them too far in late fall so can someone recommend what could be done to them in the winter without taking them out of their large pots.

Subject: RE: roses in containers
From: Kiru
Date: 05-Jun-01 05:29 PM EST

Hi Shelagh, (what an interesting name!)

I just got this tip from this very board a week or so ago: line the inside of your pot w/ styrofoam or sawdust. This will (hopefully) insulate your plants' roots. I've also been told to keep the pots under the car port/garage/a cold frame while wrapped in burlap. I've been searching for ways to overwinter my containers too. Let's both see if these ideas work! : )


Subject: RE: roses in containers
From: Marina
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-Jun-01 05:31 PM EST

Leave them in their pots! As long as you choose hardy roses, plandt them in large enough pots and, most impostantly, protect them from thawing and refreezing before spring they should be fine. You can insulate the pots by heaping a good pile of snow over them, or some people use there Christmas tree branches, and try to keep them in the shade(for the winter).

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