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Saskatoons & Birds

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Sue04-Jun-01 10:01 AM EST 3   
glen04-Jun-01 01:51 PM EST 3   
Ann04-Jun-01 07:48 PM EST   
JoanneS07-Jun-01 12:21 PM EST   

Subject: Saskatoons & Birds
From: Sue
Zone: 3
Date: 04-Jun-01 10:01 AM EST

I have several sakatoon bushes that are 8 feet tall. Every summer, the birds beat me to the ripe berries and I only get a handful. Does anyone know of a way of protecting the berries from the birds? Thanks so much


Subject: RE: Saskatoons & Birds
From: glen
Zone: 3
Date: 04-Jun-01 01:51 PM EST

I know some garden centres sell protective netting to use on fruit trees. Not sure if this would work or not, I guess it depends on the size of the holes in the netting and if the bird can reach through this.

Subject: RE: Saskatoons & Birds
From: Ann
Date: 04-Jun-01 07:48 PM EST

A friend used netting and no matter how tightly she tied it onto the tree, the birds managed to get in but could not get out, they usually died from becoming twisted in the netting. Not much help to you but thought you might like to know that.

Subject: RE: Saskatoons & Birds
From: JoanneS
Date: 07-Jun-01 12:21 PM EST

We had the same problem with our raspberries. The birds would sit on the wires around the patch, just waiting until the berries were ready. Of course the birds were also in there beforehand, eating the bugs.

This spring, we had left the christmas tree out in the back yard, and it was still covered in tinsel. My daughter was playing in the raspberry canes and decorated her little "fort" with the tinsel.

We observed over the next few weeks, that the birds avoided the raspberry patch. We have saved the tinsel and will put it back out over the canes just before the berries are ripe. Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a try.

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