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Unidentified Plant

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Norma03-Jun-01 01:47 AM EST
Debbie03-Jun-01 02:57 AM EST 8a   
05-Jun-01 01:00 AM EST   
Debbie05-Jun-01 01:32 AM EST 8a   
andrews27-Aug-01 08:50 PM EST   

Subject: Unidentified Plant
From: Norma
Date: 03-Jun-01 01:47 AM EST

Hi-I have two strange plants (may even turn out to be weeds). They came up last year and I pulled them, and now the same two are back! They start out like dracena spikes, and are now about 4.5 feet tall with 4 blooms on each. The stalk is now about 1.5 inches thick. The flowers only open in the morning and the green bud that holds them has acts as a fringed border when they're open. Any ideas on what this might be, and what I should do with it now--whack it down or let it go??

Subject: RE: Unidentified Plant
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 03-Jun-01 02:57 AM EST

What zone do you live in since I seem to lean towards a yucca? The flower stalk can reach that tall or taller. What color is the flower? Yucca's are also quite invasive in some areas and if the whole rhizome is not dug out or gets broke off then they just grow back.

Subject: RE: Unidentified Plant
Date: 05-Jun-01 01:00 AM EST

I live in Kelowna - zone ? It doesn't look like a yucca as it's so tall. It started off looking like a dracena spike and continued to grow with the long spikey leaves (1/2 inch thick). Now being about 4.5 feet tall it has bright yellow flowers - but only in the morning. It is so heavy at this point the plant is starting to lean severely.

Subject: RE: Unidentified Plant
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 05-Jun-01 01:32 AM EST

It could very well be New Zealand flax or hemp. Most varieties have a reddish flower but there is yellow as well. They can grow to 15 ft and would survive in kelowna quite fine. Your right as well..the flowers will open at sunrise and by afternoon they are finished, much like a day lily is.

Subject: RE: Unidentified Plant
From: andrews
Date: 27-Aug-01 08:50 PM EST

I believe we have a drecina palm tree, but i am unsure. I don't know how to care for and would greatly appreciate some tips! Thanks for your help! B. Andrews

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