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Pee Gee standard in pot on deck

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Julia30-May-01 11:06 AM EST 6a   
Kiru30-May-01 05:27 PM EST   
Arne30-May-01 11:47 PM EST 8   
Ed 31-May-01 08:30 AM EST 5a   
31-May-01 10:41 AM EST   
Arne01-Jun-01 01:13 AM EST 8   

Subject: Pee Gee standard in pot on deck
From: Julia
Zone: 6a
Date: 30-May-01 11:06 AM EST

I purchased a Pee Gee standard hydrangea which the woman at the garden centre assured me I could grow in a pot on my deck if I insulate the pot with about 3 inches of styrofoam on all sides. Has anyone done this? I paid 50 bucks for the plant (kept the bill)but don't want to lose it over the Toronto winter. Thanks for your advice.

Subject: I like the styrofoam idea!
From: Kiru
Date: 30-May-01 05:27 PM EST

Julia, Sorry... can't help you with your question... but THANKS for the great styrofoam idea! I've been trying to think of ways to overwinter container plants, and to protect the roots from hot/cold temperatures. Stuffing the sides of the pot w/ styrofoam is an EXCELLENT idea! Thanks!


Subject: RE: Pee Gee standard in pot on deck
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 30-May-01 11:47 PM EST

Julia: yes it should do fine but I would be more likely to use sawdust wrapped with some burlap or blanket. I would also cover the top of the pot as well. The sawdust will protect it better than styrofoam as it will confrom to the pots edges better. As far as the hardiness of the Pee Gee...It is hard to zone 4.

Subject: RE: Pee Gee standard in pot on deck
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 31-May-01 08:30 AM EST

Success would depend largely on the size of the pot ( planter ),which I feel should be not less than 30" diameter. Needless to mention, watering will be required far more frequently than if planted in the garden, and maximum exposure to direct sunlight essential for bloom developement.

Subject: RE: Pee Gee standard in pot on deck
Date: 31-May-01 10:41 AM EST

Thanks to those who responded to my question. Now (of course)I'm in need of a little clarification from Arne. If using the sawdust/blanket idea I assume you mean around the outside of the pot as opposed to lining the inside of the pot with styrofoam??? And, would I just do this at the end of the season and remove in the spring? Ed, thanks for suggesting the diameter of the pot--I'm having it built so now I can submit the dimensions. Kiru, good luck with your winter protection project--let us know next spring how things worked out! Julia

Subject: RE: Pee Gee standard in pot on deck
From: Arne
Zone: 8
Date: 01-Jun-01 01:13 AM EST

Yes Julia it is around the outside of the pot. Do it before the first killing frost and remove it after teh last threat of frost in spring. Hope that clears it all up.

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