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Is this purple loosestrife?

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Toni29-May-01 09:57 PM EST
Debbie29-May-01 10:14 PM EST 8a   
Brenda29-May-01 10:24 PM EST 3a   
Ann30-May-01 07:52 PM EST   
Toni30-May-01 09:06 PM EST   

Subject: Is this purple loosestrife?
From: Toni
Date: 29-May-01 09:57 PM EST

Hi, I live in Toronto and have a plant growing in my garden that is between 18 and 24 inches tall. It has light purply pink flowers and resembles Phlox. The plant reseeds and has medium green longish and heart shaped leaves. Is this purple loosestrife or some kind of wild phlox. It blooms end of May and June. Are there any kinds of purple loosestrife that aren't restricted?

Subject: RE: Is this purple loosestrife?
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 29-May-01 10:14 PM EST

It could very well be hesperis (Dames Rocket). It seems to have naturalized in many areas.

Subject: RE: Is this purple loosestrife?
From: Brenda
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-May-01 10:24 PM EST

To my knowledge, purple loosestrife (the bad stuff) blooms much later in the summer. It is also taller than you described.

Dominion Seeds sells a shorter version called "Tara Nova" (something like that) and although loosestrife is banned here in Alberta - they do ship this plant.

Does this mean that it is not restricted?? I don't know - but Dominion is a reputable company which makes me wonder if this variety is okay??

Purple Loosestrife is a very touchy subject where I live and yet there are many people I know that have it in their garden (and it supposedly DOES NOT self seed everywhere).

I am curious what others have to say about this. Even more curious how many people admit that they love and grow this plant.

Subject: RE: Is this purple loosestrife?
From: Ann
Date: 30-May-01 07:52 PM EST

The plant you describe sounds like Matronalis, Dames Rocket. A nice friendly plant. I live in the Kawartha Lakes region and Loosestrife is becoming a hated plant because it is everywhere. It is now infesting the median strips of the highway where it is a little damp. It is choking lots of bogs and wet lands and that can't be good.

Subject: RE: Is this purple loosestrife?
From: Toni
Date: 30-May-01 09:06 PM EST

Thanks Ann and everyone else, I went to a website called American Meadows and you're right Ann what I have is called Hesperis Matronalis or Dames Rocket. They described it looking like phlox and I have always called mine wild phlox. Such a relief to know it's not Loosestrife and I don't have to yank it out. I really enjoy it each spring, it's one of the first bloomers.

Thanks again!

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