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Rusty02-Apr-00 07:11 PM EST   

Subject: Strasberries
From: Rusty
Date: 02-Apr-00 07:11 PM EST

Strasberries....I convene at garden fairs in the summer every year. One fantastic lady gardener, by the name of G. Chorney always enters these berries in the berry collection catagory. She calls the "Strasberries", I assume there is another red name for these delicious berries that have a sweet, distinctive taste. They look like a very bumpy strawberry, and taste like a cross between a raspberry and a strawberry. Can you fill me in on these delicasies and some information on where to find these plants? Thank you so much. I'd also like you to know this is a fantastic site, I'll be spending a lot of time here I can see! Sincerely, Rusty B.

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