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Pruning Berberis

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Deb Powers25-May-01 12:30 PM EST 7   
Debbie26-May-01 01:33 AM EST 8a   
Deb Powers26-May-01 10:01 AM EST 7   
Ed 26-May-01 07:27 PM EST 5a   
Debbie27-May-01 12:17 AM EST 8a   

Subject: Pruning Berberis
From: Deb Powers
Zone: 7
Date: 25-May-01 12:30 PM EST

I just rescued my barberry plants from under the hovering attention of our mountain laurel. It's rather gangley at the moment. My plant book says it can tolerate hard pruning. Is 50% too much? Thanks, deb

Subject: RE: Pruning Berberis
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 26-May-01 01:33 AM EST

Deb..if your variety is julianae then go for it as long as you leave some folige on but if it is varruculosa then only trim back a third this year and a third next year.You don't want to prune more then that in case of winter die back this winter.

Subject: RE: Pruning Berberis
From: Deb Powers
Zone: 7
Date: 26-May-01 10:01 AM EST

Ours has no watery brown protuberances like the verruculosa, nor three pronged spines like the julianae. It keeps its leaves late into the winter, but it isn't an evergreen. We're guessing it's Berberis thunbergii "Rose Glow."

Subject: RE: Pruning Berberis
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-May-01 07:27 PM EST

I have not seen berberis of any kind for sale in garden centers, or listed in catalogues for more than 10 years. My understaning is that its use as a horticutural ornamental was discontinued and forbidden because some varieties served as a host in the life cycle of grain rust. If this is not, or no longer, the case; or if there are exceptions, I am interested in learning where and what varieties are legally available.

Subject: RE: Pruning Berberis
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 27-May-01 12:17 AM EST

Ed..Something I didn't know so I did some checking. I am assuming that here on Vancouver Island Cereal Rust is not a problem since grain farming is not common. We sell lots of it and different varieties. Oregon grape grows wild in abundance here too. I did find a site though that lists rust resistant varieties as well as interesting facts about the rust.

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