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Oak leaves for mulching??

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Julia24-May-01 11:40 AM EST 8b   
Susan24-May-01 12:57 PM EST 6a   
John24-May-01 09:57 PM EST   

Subject: Oak leaves for mulching??
From: Julia
Zone: 8b
Date: 24-May-01 11:40 AM EST

Uh-oh! I think I've made a real blooper! Last Fall I planted a new raspberry patch & attempted to stave off the inevitable invasion of weeds by mulching heavily with oak leaves. The weeds have largely stayed away...but the growth on the raspberries is not what I would have expected by now either. Someone suggested to me that oak leaves contain the same "toxin" or growth inhibitor (does "jugnole" sound correct?) found in walnut leaves. DOes anyone know if this is true? And if so, is it too late for the raspberries to recover if I were to scrape off the mulch? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Oak leaves for mulching??
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-May-01 12:57 PM EST

I don't think that oak leaves contain juglone. They actually make very good mulch because they don't pack down and smother things. They are acidic though so I use them mainly on the rhododendrons and bluberries and any other acid-loving plants. I wouldn't think raspberries would be overly bothered by them so maybe something else is affecting them. Raspberries can be slow starters and are bothered by lots of diseases...

Subject: RE: Oak leaves for mulching??
From: John
Date: 24-May-01 09:57 PM EST

Julia.You did'nt say if you shredded the Oak leaves. Raspberries don't need the acidic soil like some other types of berries. Oak leaves on the other hand are tough as nails and when not shredded hard to compost,like it takes forever for the leaves to break down. What I would do is take the Oak leaves away from the Raspberries and put them on the compost pile. And like Susan said raspberries can be slow and there could be some thing ells wrong with them.

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