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castor bean plants

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Pam19-May-01 04:32 PM EST 3   
Susan19-May-01 06:16 PM EST   
Joanne19-May-01 10:08 PM EST 5b   
Alison21-May-01 08:40 AM EST   
Susan21-May-01 09:01 AM EST 6a   
Pam21-May-01 01:30 PM EST   

Subject: castor bean plants
From: Pam
Zone: 3
Date: 19-May-01 04:32 PM EST

I have an area approx 6x7 feet in front of my south facing house. I want to put in castor bean/s. Does anyone know how much space one plant would take up? Our growing season is cool from June 1 to mid July, then hot and sunny until Sept.

Subject: RE: castor bean plants
From: Susan
Date: 19-May-01 06:16 PM EST

Are you planting seeds or plants? Seeds are usually planted 2-3 inches apart, so plants would be close together too. Remember that the seeds of the castor bean are poisonous...

Subject: RE: castor bean plants
From: Joanne
Zone: 5b
Date: 19-May-01 10:08 PM EST

Pam, you have picked a great plant! A group of ladies on a garden site I'm on have a yearly castor bean growing contest. We all name our beans and chart the growth. Last two years Ontario has won with one growing 8 feet tall!

I use them to fill in the back of my yard to hide the field. They are a wonderful plant but yes they are poisonous so watch out if you have little ones.

Subject: RE: castor bean plants
From: Alison
Date: 21-May-01 08:40 AM EST

Hello, everyone!

I haven't considered planting castor beans, but it sounds like fun. However, I'd like to know more about Susan's satement that they are poisonous. How should they be handled, and are there certain plants with which they should not be grown? Should the soil be treated after planting and harvest?

I just started gardening myself, and there's a lot for me to learn:P.



Subject: RE: castor bean plants
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-May-01 09:01 AM EST

They're not poisonous to handle - only to eat, so if you keep the beans out of your mouth you'd be OK! (It's kids you have to be careful with since they're more inclined to put things in their mouths...)

Subject: RE: castor bean plants
From: Pam
Date: 21-May-01 01:30 PM EST

Hi it's me. Thanks for the info. I have lots of poisonous things in the garden; datura, foxglove, monkshood etc so this type of thing doesn't throw me off. My grandchildren are never in the garden without me and have never even tried to touch anything until I give them the go I'm not worried. How wide do they get...I've got three, one foot high plants but think likely one will fill the space. Any tips anyone?

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