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ornamental grasses

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Bridgette 18-May-01 05:04 PM EST 8a   
ingrid18-May-01 06:44 PM EST 3a   
Bridgette18-May-01 08:00 PM EST   

Subject: ornamental grasses
From: Bridgette
Zone: 8a
Date: 18-May-01 05:04 PM EST

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the backgound of my barrel pond. I have a small pampas grass, some lilies, blue fescue and lobelia. Any ideas???I am at a loss for ideas, my neighbor has a pond and around it there is every kind of plant you can imagine, I would like something different.

Thank you Bridgette

Subject: RE: ornamental grasses
From: ingrid
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-May-01 06:44 PM EST

Bridgette, IN your pond you could put a pot of manna grass (green with white & pink variegation). In the fall you could plant it in the garden or bring it indoors and set it in water. OUTSIDE your barrel - wow, you lucky girl you are in a HOT zone compared to me!! I'm not sure if it's hot & dry or hot & wet around your barrel (?what kind of lobelia). You could get some form of miscanthus sinensis grass (maybe 'zebrinus' or 'puentchen' as they have yellow horizontal bands across the long thin strappy green leaves). But there are other kinds of miscanthus. Also, Blue lyme grass grows tall and bluer than your blue fescue (watch out, it is invasive so contain it). There are some interesting bronze/coppery sedges - carex buchanani or carex flagellifera (?new zealand sedge) that are up to a few ft high and stiff & upright or more arching like blue oat grass (c. flagellifera). Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass (calamagrostis) is very tall & clump forming with a very vertical habit. It's a warm season grass so it gets pink seed heads which turn to tan in mid to late summer. You may even be able to grow pampas grass or chinese silver grasses. How about an exotic-looking canna lily??(Tropicana, Wyoming, Pretoria, Stuttgart...).

Subject: RE: ornamental grasses
From: Bridgette
Date: 18-May-01 08:00 PM EST

Wow, lots of ideas, I just got back from the garden nursery with a new zealand sedge, great minds think alike.... Thanks for your input, I will definitely be using somne of your suggestions.

Thanks Bridgette

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