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June Bell12-May-01 11:17 AM EST 9a   
Debbie12-May-01 12:27 PM EST 8a   
Barb Whittle12-Jul-01 04:32 PM EST   
Barb Whittle12-Jul-01 04:33 PM EST 6a   

Subject: shade gardens
From: June Bell
Zone: 9a
Date: 12-May-01 11:17 AM EST

I have a bed on the north side of my home which is always shaded.Right now we have some Hydrangias and globe cedars.What types of perenials or low growing flowers can I put in to give colour all saeson?Please help me if you can.Thank you for your time.

Subject: RE: shade gardens
From: Debbie
Zone: 8a
Date: 12-May-01 12:27 PM EST

Sounds like your in Victoria region..9a. That makes it a lot easier. Your zone gives you lots of selection. Some smaller shrubs you could look into could be Tiawanese pieris, Weigelia 'varigata' ( only gets to about 3 ft tall with beautiful pink flowers),kalmia, oregon grape, miniture rhodos, skimmia has scented flowers in may followed by red berries. flowers- Ajuga, columbine, astilbe, hostas, campanula ( check the variety) cranesbill, hechura's, hellebore, various lamium ( arch angel) polemonium, False solomon seal and solomon seal ( smell wonderful ), cinaria, trollius, bleeding heart, veronica, vinca, and the old standbys such as begonia's ( fiberous and tuberous) impatiens, lobelia, ( Hate to say it but) panseys *lol*, japanese spurge, various ivy and good ole gout weed ( careful tho - very invasive). There are tons more. Check out your local nursery, they should have your best bet as far as knowledge and selection. Good luck.

Subject: Kalmia Little Linda 12 inch
From: Barb Whittle
Date: 12-Jul-01 04:32 PM EST

Subject: Kalmia Little Linda 12 inch
From: Barb Whittle
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Jul-01 04:33 PM EST

We've just received a Kalmia Little Linda 12 inch and have no idea where to plant it, how big it will get etc. Any information would be most welcome.

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