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Woodland soil composition

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Anne Heilman11-May-01 09:34 AM EST 3   
Susan11-May-01 12:31 PM EST 6b   

Subject: Woodland soil composition
From: Anne Heilman
Zone: 3
Date: 11-May-01 09:34 AM EST

I will be planting some plants that call for the location to be a rich, moist, woodland soil. I am unsure how to amend soil to make it "woodland" soil. I would assume peatmoss and organic matter would make it rich and moist but not sure what "woodland" constitutes. The container the plants are in (from nursery)seems like the soil is coarse and dries out quickly. Plants I have are Pulmonaria, & Polemonium. Can anyone advise? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Woodland soil composition
From: Susan
Zone: 6b
Date: 11-May-01 12:31 PM EST

Lots of leaf mold (muched leaves a year or so old) added to the soil is perfect. Think of all that leaf litter on the forest floor in a deciduous woodland... Add peat moss too for acidity if your soil isn't normally acidic.

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