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Red lilly beetles

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andy Steele09-May-01 08:42 AM EST 5   
marg09-May-01 09:27 AM EST 5b   
Janet09-May-01 09:23 PM EST 5   

Subject: Red lily beetles
From: andy Steele
Zone: 5
Date: 09-May-01 08:42 AM EST

Does soap and water get rid or help get rid of the red lily beetles? I was out this morning before going to work and crushed over a dozen of those troublesome insects.My lilies are covered with the black goo they leave behind and i think hosts their young. If soap wont do it any tips on what will please my lillies are at stake....andy

Subject: RE: Red lilly beetles
From: marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 09-May-01 09:27 AM EST

It sounds like you have the Japanese Lily Beetle. Here's a link that might be helpful. beetle. It has a picture and information. Just scroll downd the page to get information on the Scarlet Lily Beetle. Hope this helps.

Subject: RE: Red lilly beetles
From: Janet
Zone: 5
Date: 09-May-01 09:23 PM EST

Andy, these are awful pests ... I won't buy any more lilies, and my current stock (of hundreds) is nowhere near as stunning as it once was. I don't want to be blasting chemicals every week, which is what must be done to simply control levels. Handpicking is out of the question for me; there are too many, and they drop to the ground and hide. I've used Rotonone early in the spring (these beetles are active even before the snow is all gone!) and with no natural predators, they have explosive expansion in previously untouched areas of Canada. The only positive is that they don't appear to eat anything else (that I grow) and daylilies are untouched as well. If you just have a few lilies, maybe you can handle them, but I can't! Search "lily beetle" on the net (or on this forum, back a year) and you'll get lots of info. Good luck.

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