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Carmen04-May-01 08:44 PM EST 8   
Doug05-May-01 12:19 AM EST 3   
Brian @ P&P Plants06-May-01 12:34 PM EST 3   
marg06-May-01 02:10 PM EST 5b   
Deirdre06-Jun-01 07:27 AM EST 5   
Betty06-Jun-01 07:54 AM EST 5a   
Debbie06-Jun-01 12:22 PM EST   

Subject: Gardening Books
From: Carmen
Zone: 8
Date: 04-May-01 08:44 PM EST

As a new gardener I am interested in learning to combine plants in different ways.(What looks good with what!) I also am looking to make some containers this year and hanging baskets. Any advice on good books? Books mainly dealing with combining things..not just yellow looks good with purple but real specific ...even I can "get it"!

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: Doug
Zone: 3
Date: 05-May-01 12:19 AM EST

From experience, I know that "creative and colourful containers" is an excellent book for use in designing containers and in some cases garden beds. It was published by Cavendish Books, out of vancouver. its ISBN number is 0-929050-93-2.

It gives you basic information on growing plants in containers (what works where and with what) in the first section. And in the second it gives you about sixty easy to follow designs for almost any situation (not just your standard round pot on a patio, all different pots and places).

Have a look at it, I think it's an excellent book. Albeit it was published in 1998, could be out of print but look for it.

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: Brian @ P&P Plants
Zone: 3
Date: 06-May-01 12:34 PM EST

A new book has just been put on sale, it is: Nature Scape Alberta. Creating and caring for wildlife habiat at home. It was created by Myrna Pearman & Ted Pike. Cost $24.95C. It is a great reference on how to create a habitat in your yar to attract Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, other Birds, Reptiles, Amphibibans and other animals. I was @ the Red Deer & District Garden Club meeting & Myrna gave a presentation on the book. I'm sure that if you were to contact her, she would like to come to your Garden Club. ISBN 0-9685765-0-8 I bought some copies @ Chapters. You can contact Myrna @ 403 347-8200.

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-May-01 02:10 PM EST

I just bought The Garden Planner by John Walker. It is an excellent book for planning a garden. I purchased it at Humbers but I have also seen it at Chapters. Each page is divided into 4 'cards' that you can turn and match up with another plant. The front of each card has a picture of the plant on it and there is also growing info on the cards and suggested plant combinations you can use. I paid $35.99 for it but I found it to be a worthwhile investment. Hope this helps.

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: Deirdre
Zone: 5
Date: 06-Jun-01 07:27 AM EST

I think this may help with the "rude nursery personnel" problem. If we go the the nurseries armed with a good plant book in order to look up our own information. So, if anyone could recommend a comprehensive plant and flower book that will give good descriptions of plants, their growth requirements, and habits (such as will they take over the garden). It seems that many books seem to eliminate that last point. I have found that anything that "tunnels" is the worst to control, and wish I had known about that habit prior to planting!!!

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: Betty
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Jun-01 07:54 AM EST

My favourite for perennials is 'Heritage Perennials - Perennial Gardening Guide " It is paperback,letter size, easy to carry, good pictures, and valuable information. Says if invasive, gives the zones and lists different varieties of species. I always take with me when buying plants. True, I sometimes get rude comments from gardening staff when I pull it out, but rude people can not stop me from finding that perfect plant for my garden. With invasive plants it depends on the soil, moisture, and light provided. This means that even a good book can not be always accurate. I find that as soon as it looks like it could be a problem be ruthless, a lot easier to contorl a plant the first year.

Subject: RE: Gardening Books
From: Debbie
Date: 06-Jun-01 12:22 PM EST

The book we use the most in the nursery is Sunset's Western Gardener. Everyone from Landscapers to home gardeners seem to refer to it alot of times when asking us about a certain plant they have read about.

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