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Chinese Elm

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Linda06-May-01 12:08 AM EST   
Greg06-May-01 11:25 PM EST 6b   
Linda09-May-01 12:20 AM EST   

Subject: RE: Chinese Elm
From: Linda
Date: 06-May-01 12:08 AM EST

Do you have Woodpeckers? Diazinon in a contact insectiside meaning than it has to touch insects to kill them. Systemic Insecticides can be drenched into the ground.

Subject: RE: Chinese Elm
From: Greg
Zone: 6b
Date: 06-May-01 11:25 PM EST

If you have woodpeckers, PLEASE don't put any kind of insecticide on the tree, it could harm them. Try contacting the University of Guelph Arboretum, ot the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington. They have excellent horticulturalists on staff who can probably diagnose your problem quickly.

Subject: RE: Chinese Elm
From: Linda
Date: 09-May-01 12:20 AM EST

I would suspect that the froth is the sap from the tree. It will be very noticable at this time of year. Water the tree well to replace the moisture lost.

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