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Pink Perennials Suggestions

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Jody02-May-01 05:46 PM EST 2b   
Julie02-May-01 06:37 PM EST 3b   
Ed02-May-01 06:58 PM EST 5a   
ingrid02-May-01 07:28 PM EST 3   
Jody02-May-01 10:58 PM EST 2b   
Glen, z303-May-01 12:26 AM EST   
Debbie03-May-01 01:43 AM EST   
ingrid03-May-01 10:25 AM EST 3   
Julie03-May-01 01:26 PM EST 3b   
Ellen C.05-May-01 02:50 AM EST 5b   
Teri06-May-01 02:57 AM EST 7b   

Subject: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Jody
Zone: 2b
Date: 02-May-01 05:46 PM EST

Today I dug a kidney bean shaped bed alongside a mugo pine situated close to the entrance to our house. Our house has "rosewood" colored siding, and I would like to use a variety of different textured perennials, all in shades of pink though. Any plant combinations to suggest?

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Julie
Zone: 3b
Date: 02-May-01 06:37 PM EST

A lot will depend on whether the bed is in full sun/shade, etc. My house is a similar colour and I have planted some purples, pinks and white combos together. I find that some of the lighter pink flowers aren't noticeable against the pink on the house, so I have the purple more dominant.

The thread just above yours has some nice combos - pink always looks nice with silver accents.

Even something simple like the purple coneflower is nice. It is actually pink and one of the hardiest perennials around.

Maybe you can let everyone know more of your local conditions and the size of the garden so that more suggestions can be offered.

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Ed
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-May-01 06:58 PM EST

Phlox paniculata as background, Choice of pink shades and height 24 to 36' along with Coral bells that are spectacular with a neat coronet of low foliage, the flowers on slender stems 12-15", assuring regular hummingbird visits.

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: ingrid
Zone: 3
Date: 02-May-01 07:28 PM EST

Deep burgundy or even blue foliaged plants will provide a nice contrast. Blue can come from redleaf rose (rosa glauca), blue evergreens or grasses(blue oat grass, blue fescue) or even blue hostas if in the shade. deep burgundy can be obtained from Ninebark 'diabolo' or wiegela 'wine and roses' or some of the canna lilies (just snip off the flowers if they clash). If in the shade, burgundy/plum tones can come from snakeroot (cimicifuga brunette or black negligee). You'll need a mix of shrubs and perennials of various heights. An edging of coral bells (american alumroot) are often quite plummy in foliage as well now. More information is needed!

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Jody
Zone: 2b
Date: 02-May-01 10:58 PM EST

My "pink" garden is situated in full sun, zone 2b. I love liatris and planned on trying it. Pink daylilies, and some sort of interesting ground cover as it is close to the sidewalk and will get alot of attention. The size of this new plot is approximately 18'x 12'. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Glen, z3
Date: 03-May-01 12:26 AM EST

Sidalcea are easy to grow, look good. I grow them in partial shade, they also do well in full sun. Many pink varieties.

Photos of a pink variety I grow at this link:

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Debbie
Date: 03-May-01 01:43 AM EST

I do imagine you want ones that will give you color all season. Always a challenge I look forward too when putting in a new perennial bed. Rockcress, creeping phlox,Lavatera, there is a nice variety of pink cranesbill geraniums, common thrift, pinks,Liatris, Veronica (spicata) meadowrue, Various sedems,Peony, asters, Pyrethrum, beebalm, Scabosia. I didn't have time to be positive on the zones of these plants but I think most would be okay for your zone if you give a good healthy winter protective mulch. These are mainly for sun which I figured is what you need since you say that they will be sharing a bed with a mugho. Some shrub ideas for texture could be spirea, such as limemound, anthony waterer or goldflame which is my favorite. Potentilla 'miss willmott'. 2 ornamental evergreens that come to mind with a pink theme are Picea orientalis 'aurea' and picea acracona, both have unique pink cones in the spring that turn purple over the season. Black current 'consort' ( a variety ammuned to pine blister rust) has beautiful pink flowers and great makes great jelly too *LOL* Have fun!

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: ingrid
Zone: 3
Date: 03-May-01 10:25 AM EST

Try hakura nishiki willow - foliage is variegated pink, green & white. You can get a shrub or top grafted version - prune annually to get more pink growth. Also tamarisk gives pink tinged branches.Joe pye weed (eupatorium) will give you height and later summer froths of pink at 4 - 5 ft. Still, you need stuff to set off those perfect pinks! It isn't perennial but an annual grass that gives a lot of bang in late summer fall is pennisetum rubrum (fountain grass); beautiful arching bronze-burgundy stems with pinkish bottlebrush flowerheads - some movement and architecture in the garden!

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Julie
Zone: 3b
Date: 03-May-01 01:26 PM EST

Since it is in sun, a mixture of white and pink oriental lillies would look lovely and provide a wonderful scent in full sun and late summer. Dark pink like stargazer or a delicate light pink like Le Reve would be a nice display mixed with white. You would have to mulch them for winter but not have to dig them up. Someone else suggested Anthony Waterer spirea. I have found that really hardy in my zone and produces a nice shade of medium pink flowers. Have fun!

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Ellen C.
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-May-01 02:50 AM EST

How about Bleeding Heart Luxuriant (flowers all summer and soft foliage), Artemesia (silvery green leaves, soft and is low growing). Also, there is Astilbe, Peonies, and Lavendar to contrast the pink. Planning a garden is a lot of fun.

Subject: RE: Pink Perennials Suggestions
From: Teri
Zone: 7b
Date: 06-May-01 02:57 AM EST

Astromeria hasn't yet been mentioned. It will begin blooming in June and continue until a pretty hard frost takes it down. It's a great cut flower in values of pink with yellow/white highlights in centers. The tubers multiply, so you can dig some and have several plants. To keep it blooming, 'pull' spent blossom stems 'upward' so it separates below ground level from the tuber. Enjoy!

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