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Growing Lupins

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sandy01-May-01 01:37 PM EST 2b   
Serena02-May-01 10:12 AM EST 5a   
Carla03-May-01 09:09 AM EST 5b   
Sheri05-May-01 12:32 PM EST   

Subject: Growing Lupins
From: sandy
Zone: 2b
Date: 01-May-01 01:37 PM EST

I have started some Lupins and they were growing very nicely, but now I noticed some of the leaves shrivelling up, and turning a light green color. I just moved them into my greenhouse, so don't want the other plants infected, or is it just too warm in there for there liking!!

Subject: RE: Growing Lupins
From: Serena
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-May-01 10:12 AM EST

Hi Sandy. Here in my neck of the woods, Nova Scotia, Lupins grow wildly everywhere...roadsides, cliffs, hills, fields...everywhere. They are quite beautiful and to the best of my knowledge do not liked to by fussed about...extra fertilizer and such. Did you happen to notice any spidermites? Getting full sun? Almost sounds like a nitrogen deficiency. My best guess is to check for the spidermites. Good luck.

Subject: RE: Growing Lupins
From: Carla
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-May-01 09:09 AM EST

Here on PEI we have lots of lupins growing wild. When I seed lupins I just soak the seeds overnight, rake some dirt up, no special preparation, it really is just dirt, and then I broadcast the seeds and water when I remember. I have heard that they don't like transplanting, that's why I direct seed. Hope this helps. Carla

Subject: RE: Growing Lupins
From: Sheri
Date: 05-May-01 12:32 PM EST

Apparently lupins are notorious for aphids. If the leaves are unhealthy that could be the problem. I know a lot of garden books recommend not putting them in a mixed perennial border for this reason.

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