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Flowering Kale

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betty17-Apr-01 09:20 PM EST   
John17-Apr-01 11:28 PM EST   
jdb18-Apr-01 07:29 PM EST   

Subject: Flowering Kale
From: betty
Date: 17-Apr-01 09:20 PM EST

Iseedet above named kale and have them already transplanted in individual pots. They are now 4-5 inch. tall. When can i transplant them outside? If they have to stay inside what is the best side to put them. Right now i have them on the south side in front of my patiodoor in th e livingroom. Thank you.

Subject: RE: Flowering Kale
From: John
Date: 17-Apr-01 11:28 PM EST

Betty.All cabbage fam. plants are quite hardy.It depends a on what zone you are gardening in for transplanting themplants in the garden. but for now you have to put your plants outside in the day time when the temp. is above harden them off.After you have done this for a week, and there is no frost at night you can leave the plants outside coverd with a newspaper or some plastic.After about 2 more weeks you can leave this of and your plants are ready to put in the garden.

Subject: RE: Flowering Kale
From: jdb
Date: 18-Apr-01 07:29 PM EST

Just a note about Kale - in my garden in Toronto I can keep kale growing until December 31st. My plants are already in the ground and 4 -5 inches high. Kale is one of the hardiest plants around.

Hardening off is a good idea, but kale only needs one or two days to get used to the outdoors - they are unbelievably tough....

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