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I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!

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Kiru15-Apr-01 06:12 PM EST   
Angie15-Apr-01 06:18 PM EST   
Ed15-Apr-01 07:57 PM EST   
Jude16-Apr-01 12:37 AM EST   
Carol16-Apr-01 12:03 PM EST   
Kiru16-Apr-01 03:44 PM EST   

Subject: I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!
From: Kiru
Date: 15-Apr-01 06:12 PM EST

Hi there!

I've been searching the 'net and scouring the bookshelves of my library for days now, and have not been able to find any useful resources on how to start a garden completely from scratch, and w/ very limited knowledge of gardening. HELP!

I'm a completely new gardener who only has experience w/ indoor houseplants. I've got a pretty green thumb w/ those... I've had success w/ all my indoor plants.

But now I'm looking into starting a small garden outdoors. I'm interested in it for the stress-relieving nature of the activity, and also because I want to "dress up" my yard!

If anyone could suggest some web sites or particular books that they could recommend about starting a garden, please send 'em my way! Post it on the forum, or e-mail me. My e-mail is Thanks a bunch!


Subject: RE: I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!
From: Angie
Date: 15-Apr-01 06:18 PM EST

I am a firm believer that you should try what plants you think are pretty and one's that you love. Look through your garden centre at what they have. I'm just starting out as well. Basically, you just get the old shovel out and away you go. Plan where you want to start and dig a spot and add some good soil. Plant away. If it doesn't work, try something else next year. Try this site. It's nice.

Subject: RE: I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!
From: Ed
Date: 15-Apr-01 07:57 PM EST

Angie, I admire your spirit, but a bit of advice can be so helpful. If your nearest library is of no help, which I refuse to believe,surely there are neighbours, who, on request would be only too glad to provide the benefit of their experiience in getting you started with the basics.

Subject: RE: I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!
From: Jude
Date: 16-Apr-01 12:37 AM EST

Where do you live? Do you know what zone you're in? If not, go to (once it's working... it isn't tonight) to find out what zone you're in.

Subject: RE: I'm an utterly hopeless beginner! Help!
From: Carol
Date: 16-Apr-01 12:03 PM EST

Mark Cullen's "A New Greener Thumb" and Heritage Perennials "Perennial Gardening Guide" are 2 books I found helpful. I've only been gardening a few years, and the first thing I did was pick up White Rose Nurseries Garden Guide. It has a lot of useful tips and helped me to identify plants I liked. At first I didn't know any of the names, so this was a good starting point. Jude's advice to find out what zone you're in is necessary if you want your plants to come back next year. Also, consider if the location is in a shady or sunny area. There are also a few good shows on TV from which I've learned a lot. Mark Cullen's show is good as are Kathy Renwald's "Gardener's Journal" and "Calling All Gardeners". Once I got started, I found the staff at our local nursery to be a fountain of information and they provided invaluable assistance in my first year. Good luck with your gardening! It's a wonderful hobby.

Subject: Thanks for the advice!
From: Kiru
Date: 16-Apr-01 03:44 PM EST

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the advice! I've found my reference book! See my new message, titled "Gardening w/ tubs and boxes".

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