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Linden Tree

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Angella Walmsley15-Apr-01 02:22 PM EST   
Susan15-Apr-01 03:40 PM EST   
Ed15-Apr-01 03:48 PM EST   
JoanneS17-Apr-01 03:02 PM EST   

Subject: Linden Tree
From: Angella Walmsley
Date: 15-Apr-01 02:22 PM EST

I am planning on planting some 10 - 12' trees in my yard this year for privacy... Someone suggested a Linden Tree. Any info on these trees. Are they nice or not and anymore know a nice site to look at pics. What do the leafs look like? Thank You.

Subject: RE: Linden Tree
From: Susan
Date: 15-Apr-01 03:40 PM EST

For information on Linden, try going to:

Subject: RE: Linden Tree
From: Ed
Date: 15-Apr-01 03:48 PM EST

Little Leaf Linden ( Basswood ) is a fine shade tree that produces fragrant, tiny, yellow blossoms, followed by small,firm, pea-like fruit that is neither useful nor a problem.Leaves ae roundish and heart shaped. Linden is valued by some beekeepers as a source of excellent honey. Don't let the bees disuade you; their only interest is in the nectar.

Subject: RE: Linden Tree
From: JoanneS
Date: 17-Apr-01 03:02 PM EST

I am looking out my office window at three beautiful Linden trees. They are tall, straight with a nice shape. And in the early summer, when few other trees provide scent, they are heavenly. I have since planted one in my new yard because I've enjoyed them so much. And yes the bees are a joy to watch as they busily harvest the pollen. I would definitely recommend a Linden.

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