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Mini greenhouses

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Joanne12-Apr-01 07:57 PM EST   
Rose18-Apr-01 08:45 AM EST   
Ruth19-Apr-01 08:49 AM EST   

Subject: Mini greenhouses
From: Joanne
Date: 12-Apr-01 07:57 PM EST

This is the first year I've started some plants indoors. I got one of those vinyl covered plant stands. Well, its already full. My cats like to nibble plants so I needed to cover my pots with plastic. I've started to use those vinyl square bags with the zippered tops that bedding comes packaged in. The pack rat in me saved these bags over the years. I prepared my pots and watered them, then placed them in the flat bottom of the bags and zippered up the tops. I can leave the top open if they need more air circulation. They are fairly structured and hold the square shape without stakes. I'll keep you posted on how these plants do.

Subject: RE: Mini greenhouses
From: Rose
Date: 18-Apr-01 08:45 AM EST

Greetings Joanne: I would appreciate hearing from you about your mini-greenhouses!

You could drop me a line on my Horticultural Therapy page at if you wish.

Subject: RE: Mini greenhouses
From: Ruth
Date: 19-Apr-01 08:49 AM EST

Dear Joanne - What a WONDERFUL idea! I was about to take a couple of stem cuttings from a Bay Laurel that's threatening to puncture my ceiling and your idea is just what I need. Thank you.

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