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Carol09-Apr-01 02:57 PM EST   
Henry09-Apr-01 03:24 PM EST   
Ellen C.10-Apr-01 12:48 AM EST   
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Subject: moles
From: Carol
Date: 09-Apr-01 02:57 PM EST

We seem to have lots of rodent damage this year. I'm guessing it's moles, but I'm not sure. We had the lawn sprayed for grubs as we had problems 2 years ago. Entire plants seem to have vanished, there are holes and tunnels dug under others, and evidence of nesting. Help! Is it moles or could some other critters be causing this chaos? What can I do to prevent such havoc in future, or is this all part of the gardening experience? I've only been gardening 4 years, so each year brings new surprises. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Subject: RE: moles
From: Henry
Date: 09-Apr-01 03:24 PM EST

Buy a cat.

Subject: RE: moles
From: Ellen C.
Date: 10-Apr-01 12:48 AM EST

A couple of weeks ago, on Mark Cullen's radioshow (on Saturday mornings 10am-noon, CFRB, 1010 AM), he was answering a caller's question and Mark said it was a field mouse. Because of the tons of snow Toronto received this winter, the field mouse travelled under the snow and made "trails".

That's what happened in my backyard too and not to mention some big chunks out of my Armeria Thrifts. Next winter, I'm planning to put rose collars around them.

Subject: RE: moles
From: Linda
Date: 10-Apr-01 03:09 PM EST

Moles eat the roots from below. They tunnel and leave piles of dirt. They don't usually operate in winter. I would agree with it being mice. They will girdle plants. It helps to stamp around trees and shrubs as they don't like coming up into the open. Then Henry's cats will get them.

Subject: RE: moles
From: Carol
Date: 11-Apr-01 03:52 PM EST

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. In some cases, there are definite tunnels under plants and it looks like roots have been eaten from below. In other cases, plants seem to have entirely vanished, and in other spots there are clumps of nesting material on top of plants, near the fence. Maybe we've had moles AND mice! (Lucky us!) Some plants look quite chewed. We'll just have to wait and see what comes up this year, and I'll try your suggestions next year. Thanks.

Subject: RE: moles
From: 5
Date: 12-Apr-01 06:21 AM EST

I find that every so often there is an over abundance of the little critters, but then nature will take care of it by finishing them off. 3 years ago my garden was attacked like yours. Some even decided they would like to move in with me. I have an aversion to pesticides, herbicides, and poisons so inside I did use traps, but outside I just replaced and planted a few extra flowers. I have had no problems since so I think they have cycles of over population but hopefully it is only every 7 years. Of course, this year I can not tell yet as I am still snow covered.

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