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Wiveka Johansson07-Apr-01 07:28 PM EST   
Katherine10-Apr-01 01:25 PM EST   
Connie13-Apr-01 02:01 AM EST   
tonylyn13-Apr-01 01:13 PM EST   
Connie13-Apr-01 05:03 PM EST   

Subject: from Sweden
From: Wiveka Johansson
Date: 07-Apr-01 07:28 PM EST

Hello, I hope you are well. I´m a woman with an empty garden and I´m dreaming of doing a hedge with flowering bushes/shrubs.(smoke bush, philadelphus, lilac, forsythia, spiraea, juneberry, butterfly bush, cornus, weigela...etc) Can someone help me with a twig/sprig. Seeds? I´m sorry I don´t have anything to give back right now but my gratitude. Bye for now, Wiveka Johansson Kopparvägen 39 3tr 176 72 Järfälla Sweden

Subject: RE: from Sweden
From: Katherine
Date: 10-Apr-01 01:25 PM EST

Good Morning. Well, I'm sorry I know nothing about gardening in Sweden. Do you have greenhouses or nurserys? Or perhaps contact your local university or college (horticulture department) and they would be able to help you. Good luck! and let us all know how you do.

Subject: RE: from Sweden
From: Connie
Date: 13-Apr-01 02:01 AM EST

Hello, your letter caught my attention as my paternal grandmother was 100% Swedish. Can you believe that her parents met aboard an ocean liner and were married shortly after they landed in the United States?

They moved to the state of Michigan where my grandmother was born. Unfortunately, her mother died in childbirth when her brother was born. Her father remarried later in life and had another son, my grandmother's half-brother.

My grandmother and grandfather both lived in Michigan and after several years of marriage and no children they decided to go to the Yukon and search for gold. This was in the early 1900s.

Once they arrived in the state of Minnesota my grandmother gave birth to my uncle who is now 88. A year and a half later my father was born.

They gave up their plans to search for gold and decided to go to Canada where there was good land for farming.

My father died 16 years ago at the age of 71 but he and Mom had 6 children; 4 girls and 2 boys.

I can remember my grandmother really loved to garden and, were she alive today, she'd be able to give you all sorts of gardening advice. She lived to 89. Grandpa died at 77 from a heart attack after hewing logs for a new building he was constructing.

One thing I'm wondering is, "Is it legal to send seeds or plants from one country to another?" I don't know but I thought you might enjoy hearing about my ancestry. I only grow annuals so have no plants or seeds to share. Sorry!



Subject: RE: from Sweden
From: tonylyn
Date: 13-Apr-01 01:13 PM EST

My mother in law lives in England and we cannot even send seeds to each other, so I think you might have to try a little closer home. I wish you luck because gardening is such a wonderful thing.

Subject: RE: from Sweden
From: Connie
Date: 13-Apr-01 05:03 PM EST

Yes, Tonylyn, that's what I thought. Perhaps there are some computer people in Sweden who can help Wiveka with her request for plants and seeds. I sure hope she can get some answers to her request for, as you say, gardening is food for the soul and a great stress reliever. Pleasant gardening to you all! Connie

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