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Wild raspberries- help

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Kirsten06-Apr-01 10:28 AM EST   
Gerald Filipski06-Apr-01 10:36 AM EST   
David09-Apr-01 06:13 AM EST   

Subject: Wild raspberries- help
From: Kirsten
Date: 06-Apr-01 10:28 AM EST

All of you out there, your tips and hints are really helpful, I learn something new, everytime I drop by. So here's another problem: on my land there's a decent sized corner ( about 12 m2) that's full of wild raspberries, it's in south-westernly direction, full sun. In general I wouldn't mind, but there are no berries. I would like to get rid of them and have been pulling canes and roots for the past two springs, but they keep coming back. My idea is to plant a shrub bed, but need to get rid of the raspberries somehow. Any ideas, if possible no chemicals (kids, dogs, and cats don't like that). Big thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Wild raspberries- help
From: Gerald Filipski
Date: 06-Apr-01 10:36 AM EST

I just happened to be doing some browsing on Donna's great website and thought I'd pop in to help in the garden forum.

Cover the area that you intend to plant with landscape grade black plastic. Fasten this in place with pegs and let it sit preferably thorugh at least July when the heat of the summer plus the plastic will kill the roots. Now, having said that you may also want to extend the plastic a little beyond the bed since the roots of the raspberries have spread hither and yon. This should keep any roots from finding their way back into your bed.

Natural, no chemicals and easy. Hope this helps.

Gerald Filipski Gardening Columnist Edmonton Journal

Subject: RE: Wild raspberries- help
From: David
Date: 09-Apr-01 06:13 AM EST

Another way to control is your lawnmower. Since you have already removed the heavy stalks all you need to do is cut over it when you cut your lawn. Any shoots that come up now are soft and easily cut. They cannot live forever without any top growth. If the area is abit too rough to mow get some free wood chips from a local tree company. Use the chips to smooth over the area so you can mow. When you're ready to plant your shrubs the chips will be a good amendment to the soil.

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