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How to keep clematis roots cool?

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05-Apr-01 01:39 AM EST   
Ed05-Apr-01 11:44 AM EST   
Linda05-Apr-01 02:22 PM EST   
The Budding Poet.........................Zn4b06-Apr-01 01:13 AM EST   
Ruth06-Apr-01 08:53 AM EST   

Subject: How to keep clematis roots cool?
Date: 05-Apr-01 01:39 AM EST

What do you use to keep clem roots cool? Bark chips, extra dirt? What kind of flowers would be ideal for this?

Subject: RE: How to keep clematis roots cool?
From: Ed
Date: 05-Apr-01 11:44 AM EST

Planting on the N or E side of buildings would normally do it. Otherwise bark chips, stones,ground cover plants or most flowering annuals wi8ll serve the purpose.

Subject: RE: How to keep clematis roots cool?
From: Linda
Date: 05-Apr-01 02:22 PM EST

Good advise Ed. You can use both suggestions together too.

Subject: RE: How to keep clematis roots cool?
From: The Budding Poet.........................Zn4b
Date: 06-Apr-01 01:13 AM EST

Here to add to Ed,s and Linda's are a few more HOT tips for a COOL Clematis root zone. Large boulders in front of your Clematis will cool things off below and add to the drama of your plantings. Large flagstones overtop of the root zone will also help to keep things cool and give you a safe perch while you are poking around in the garden. A yearly addition of compost mulch can also help insulate the roots. Lastly- Planting the crown of your Clematis 1"-2" below the surface will not only help to keep the roots cool but increase its chance of survival if rodents take a liking to it and girdle the stems.

Subject: RE: How to keep clematis roots cool?
From: Ruth
Date: 06-Apr-01 08:53 AM EST

A pair of clematis vines with fine-flowered white blooms called "Maximowicziana" climb up from a raised bed at the south-eastern end of our deck, which puts them in full sun from mid morning until just after noon. For the past three years we've mulched them to about 8 inches deep with de-salted seaweed and in front of that we grow New Zealand spinach. During the heat of summer the spinach provides glossy green (and edible!) leaves and best of all - it re-seeds itself! Not as pretty as annuals, perhaps, but for us it works well.

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