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Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?

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Serena04-Apr-01 01:30 PM EST   
Joanna04-Apr-01 01:58 PM EST   
Janet04-Apr-01 08:23 PM EST   
glen05-Apr-01 11:56 AM EST   
JoanneS05-Apr-01 12:20 PM EST   
Julie05-Apr-01 12:51 PM EST   

Subject: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: Serena
Date: 04-Apr-01 01:30 PM EST

I am changing all my outdoor patio and garden furniture and containers from white over to green and terra cotta. Must I buy all new containers in green or terra cotta shades or can you paint then without them peeling or looking horrible? Can you suggest a type of paint (exterior semi gloss...maybe oil based?) and how would I prime the plastic? Is this possible?

Subject: RE: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: Joanna
Date: 04-Apr-01 01:58 PM EST

Serena.. I was watching a program on tv where they were painting plastic containers, now I cant tell you the type of paint they were using,but there is such a thing.I'm sure if you go to your local paint store or craft store they can tell you.GOOD LUCK

Subject: RE: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: Janet
Date: 04-Apr-01 08:23 PM EST

I'm a "paintaholic"! I paint almost everything, including plant pots. Of course, clay pots are easier (I use latex, with a satin spray finish). Green plastic pots are so boring; for outside, I'd use an oil-based paint (it's getting hard to find anymore) or for a small one, try the spray cans for exterior furniture or kids rooms - I just experiment, so you can do the same!

Subject: RE: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: glen
Date: 05-Apr-01 11:56 AM EST

I bought my parents a big plastic bell shaped pot that was clay color. My mom kept commenting how the pot never matched anything. I said that was the point--the pot is suppose to look as if it was a real clay pot. Kind of reminded me of big clay pots with flowers in that I see in pictures of warmer climates. One time, my dad had been staining the deck with a solid walnut stain. He also painted the pot that color. It looks alright, hasn't really peeled or anything like that. I just thought the clay color offered a bit of contrast instead of everything being the same dark walnut color. For plastic pots I would say you can do anything. For real clay pots, however, the clay actually soaks up water so I would think you may have to do a special treatment.

Subject: RE: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: JoanneS
Date: 05-Apr-01 12:20 PM EST

I used the spray paint for outdoor furniture straight onto a plastic rain barrell. I then used acrylic paints to paint a lovely garden scene on the rain barrell. I then sealed with a clear sealant, also purchased in a spray can. Spray paints were bought at Home Depot/Revy and the acrylic paints from a craft store.

Downside, after three years, it has started to crack.

Subject: RE: Can you paint/stain plastic Containers?
From: Julie
Date: 05-Apr-01 12:51 PM EST

What paint would be best for those Yogurt containers?

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