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Thankyou so very much

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Barbara28-Mar-01 06:26 PM EST   
Susan28-Mar-01 09:21 PM EST   
donna28-Mar-01 11:07 PM EST   

Subject: Thankyou so very much
From: Barbara
Date: 28-Mar-01 06:26 PM EST

For the past two evenings, I have been browsing your web pages. They are very interesting and informative, even tho i'm down here in Mass. I've always wanted to say thankyou to someone in Canada for the nice cool breeze that we get during the hot summer every now and then. Thankyou for that. Do you have a shortage of rain there, I was reading about the dry gardens. How about rain barrels at the end of your downspouts, or milk or soda jugs with the bottoms cut off and inverted beside plants. You just fill and the water slow releases just to the plant. Well The visit was nice, thankyou Barbara

Subject: RE: Thankyou so very much
From: Susan
Date: 28-Mar-01 09:21 PM EST

All of us northern gardeners welcome comments from the warmer south! Send some warmer breezes our way! Here in southern Ontario where I live, it's been colder than normal most of the winter and, for the past few weeks it's been 5-7 degrees below normal. I have my first crocus in bloom today. There should be lots more out by now.

The dry comments you've been seeing a lot about on this forum are largely about the naturally dry environment under evergreen trees - their branches keep the rain out and their roots are often close to the surface and rob water from anything planted under them. Western Canada has had a drier than normal winter so some comments relate to that. Eastern Canada, on the otherhand, has had record snowfalls - and I believe your area has had a few too.

I have a friend who was visiting Boston last week. She had a great time - loved the architecture (and the aquarium!)

Subject: RE: Thankyou so very much
From: donna
Date: 28-Mar-01 11:07 PM EST

Thanks Barbara for your very nice compliment on the site...what makes this site so wonderful is that it is a community of gardeners...and they come from everywhere! You are welcome to visit anytime...and happy gardening this year!

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