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Ann23-Mar-01 07:49 PM EST   
John23-Mar-01 08:29 PM EST   
Bill23-Mar-01 11:55 PM EST   
Doug24-Mar-01 12:28 AM EST   
Ann24-Mar-01 07:06 PM EST   
25-Mar-01 03:15 PM EST   

Subject: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
From: Ann
Date: 23-Mar-01 07:49 PM EST

Has anyone had any dealings with the above mentioned company? It seems they have a magazine and it is only $2. per week. They also send tools and other things for trials. Doubtful it is as good as it sounds.

Subject: RE: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
From: John
Date: 23-Mar-01 08:29 PM EST

Ann.I had an invitation to join this club today in the mail.I was wondering where they get the names from,if they pick them from web sites or is some one selling the names to them.

Subject: RE: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
From: Bill
Date: 23-Mar-01 11:55 PM EST

They must get the names from lists which they buy since I received their info today and have never given my address over the web. I thought they were a Canadian outfit until I found a US address on their membership card. I don't like to be a pessimist but I think the best place for this is the garbage. Since I'm in zone 2 I doubt that I will find any useful info in their magazine (if it arrives at all). Also did anyone get the seeds that were suppose to be in the envelope? I didn't.

Subject: RE: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
From: Doug
Date: 24-Mar-01 12:28 AM EST

I foolishly signed up with this magizine when I received the invite in the mail. It isn't worth the price. The tips they give are for American gardens and I have yet to see a Canadian person named in either a tool trial or as a winner in a contest. Also half the magazine is tear-out advertizing anyways.. waste of money... better to stick with tried and true Canadian Gardening Magazine.

Subject: RE: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
From: Ann
Date: 24-Mar-01 07:06 PM EST

I got the seeds Bill, Gypsophila and Poppies. Thanks all for the info. questions answered and literature in the garbage.

Subject: RE: Ntnl. Home Gardening club
Date: 25-Mar-01 03:15 PM EST

I agree, it's not worth the price. they send a thin little paper magazine. To be eligible for their free products/trials, you have to mail in your name & address every month.....if you're lucky enough to be picked.

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