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Rhoda23-Mar-01 06:44 AM EST   
Susan23-Mar-01 07:38 AM EST   

Subject: info on Petasites
From: Rhoda
Date: 23-Mar-01 06:44 AM EST

Has anyone heard of Petasites? I saw a picture of one and they look great but do they grow in Canada? I'm in zone 4. Are they invasive? Any info would be appreciated. I haven't seen them for sale in any catalogues.

Subject: RE: info on Petasites
From: Susan
Date: 23-Mar-01 07:38 AM EST

Dominion Seeds sells the plants - see:

I've ordered one for my shady boggy corner. I like the variegated variety: I don't care if it spreds there so it's vigorous, spreading habit can exhibit itself unchecked there! It is supposed to be hardy to zone 4.

For similar type plants, you could also consider Astilboides tabularis (which I think Dominion also carries but I can't find in their on-line catalogue) and Rodgersia which is slightly smaller but a relative of Astilboides. The Astilboides, as it's name imples, has leaves that are deeply indented like an astilbe plant whereas the others are more 'solid'. All should be hardy in your zone. Rodgersia is usually avaible in garden centers with a good selection of plants.

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